Commissioner Stavney’s ECO-Build Regulations 1 – Eagle County Families 0

by    time to pay attention folks

Over the last 3 and a half years…we all know some Eagle County families and friends that have

– lost their homes to foreclosure

– moved out of Eagle County in hopes of finding work elsewhere

– in some cases family divorce driven (in part) by the financial pressure put on families in difficult economic times.

It is reasonable to ask – since this is an election year – just what Eagle County’s elected “Board of Directors” – our County Commissioners have done to address this problem affecting too many families and businesses in our Community.


– Eagle County’s formerly robust Building and Development industry has all but “dried-up”.  Architect’s, roofers, painters, electricians, drywallers, flooring companies, stone work masons, framers, plumbers, mortgage bankers (you name it), now find work where they can – mostly with re-models in our County today.  Others have just packed up and moved away.

Our Real Estate community – has been struggling to sell homes/resort property in a market of falling prices…considering what’s happened on average – over the last 3 years.

Q.)  Why would any County Commissioner that’s in touch with what’s been happening in his County for the last three years of his term – continue to insist/endorse Confiscatory County Regulations – that only make it harder for Construction folks (hardest hit) to make their living here?

Q.)  Just what is your Priority incumbent Commissioner candidate running for re-election?  Our Families and local businesses or your County Building Regulations?

Q.)  Is this what’s making Eagle County a better place to live, work, recreate?  How has this helped our collective Property Values, further, how has it helped slow Eagle County’s unemployment rate?

It’s pretty clear…Junior Fishwrap reporter Derek Franz (above) can’t figure this one out (Click Here – for Derek’s complete story) – however the ECT folks most certainly can.

It’s time for Eagle County voters to expect more from our Eagle County Commissioners – yeah…the ECT believes it’s time for a new direction from our elected Board of County Commissioners!

Your voice ECT reader will be heard on election day – Tuesday, November 6th 2012!


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