From the Street

Watts New? 300 Watts – that’s What’s New!

The ECT’s Weather Radio testing in Eagle County seems to indicate that the promised 100 Watts to 300 Watts of Radio Transmitter power has been completed as of PM, last Friday, 28SEPT2012.  This is for Eagle County’s new NOAA Weather Radio StationNOAA-Weather-Radio-Logo (WZ2518 – 162.450Mhz) broadcasting from Castle Peak in Eagle, Colorado.

Earlier the 100 Watt transmitter worked well for most of Eagle County’s valley floor however the Weather radio signal was too weak to be heard east of Dowd Junction on Vail’s valley floor.  Interested parties – please contact the ECT and let us know how the improved transmitter power is working for you at your location.  Just CLICK ON on the NOAA graphic to listen to the live weather radio stream 7x24x365

Reported to the ECT this week – Cordillera’s Metro District has legal authority to commit to (up to a ~$15 Million dollar Bond issue) that ‘could’ be used to bid in the scheduled Auction of the Cordillera Golf Club now in Federal Bankruptcy Court.  Time will tell.

Club-At-CordilleraMany Cordillera insiders have reported to the ECT folks this past week – that the alleged/reported Settlement Agreement between the litigants in Cordillera is a long, long way from being Settled…Believe what you will – if the information in the Daily Fishwrap is where you’re getting your news…be prepare to be surprised.

The good news for Cordillera Property Owners interested in getting this legal matter settled?  The good news is…no one from the Avon Town Council is involved in their Settlement agreement…(see this weeks story about Avon, Town of Turmoil)

Politicos?   The first of (3) scheduled Presidential debates set for this Wednesday nite – October 3rd.  While some states can be called for one Candidate or the other – the overall Presidential election is still up for grabs across the U.S.

As usual the independents and undecideds will have their way on Tuesday, November 6th 2012.  October 1st 2012 – is too close to call the Presidential election outcome for the ECT folks!


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