Commissioner Stavney’s – Record on Eagle County’s Federal Section 8 Housing

Campaign Issue:  Jon Stavney’s record on Eagle County’s Federal Section 8 Housing.

The ECT’s determination to report on Commissioner Stavney record as Eagle County Commissioner – would not be complete (nor fair) if the ECT didn’t mention his work (actually mostly Alex Potente’s) on Eagle County’s Federal Section 8 Housing located on Rte. 6 in Eagle Vail.  It’s called Riverview Apartments.

Issue:  Because this housing is Federal Section 8 Low Income Housing in Eagle County – our Eagle County Commissioners have both a Fiduciary and Statutory responsibility to maintain Riverview.

In all fairness – this Eagle County Housing project was a DISGRACE when Commissioner Stavney took office about 3 1/2 years ago.  The ECT photos below (both before and after) the Remodel proves the point.

Alex-PotenteRecall – former Eagle County employee (Alex Potente – photo left) was considered by many (at the time) to be Eagle County’s so call “Housing Czar” primarily responsible for the “Employee Housing” craze promoted (at the time) by the folks who worked at the Daily Fishwrap.  This County effort – resulted in the $6+ Million dollar Housing debacle – (taxpayer loss) known as Stratton Flats.

Fact is – most of those decisions about funding Stratton Flats occurred before Stavney took office.

The ECT’s efforts at time were relentless in the media – Eagle County Commissioners focused on wasting Millions of Taxpayer funds on (Employee Housing – for which they had ZERO, Statutory and Fiduciary) responsibility.  Meanwhile the ECT folks continued to report on the abject squalor of the condition of Riverview – which the Commissioners DID HAVE a Statutory and Fiduciary responsibility to maintain.

Just before leaving Eagle County for a Job in San Francisco, California – Potente did find (Federal Grants among other funding sources) to pay for the Riverview remodel – that was later APPROVED by Commissioner Stavney – and the rest of the Board of County Commissioners.

Below are the photos of Riverview Apartments – both before and after.

The ECT folks will – correctly point out and give credit to Stavney – for having Remodeled Riverview Apartments – on his “watch” as County Commissioner.

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