Stavney’s Commissioner Campaign – Playing Defense

by Clayton Moore

What all reasonable voters agree on – is that ANY incumbent candidate should be held to “run on their record” – and a close review of that record – is what the media should be doing.

Thus far incumbent Commissioner candidate Stavney has refused to put the question of the repeal of the open space tax – back on your ballot.  Are your interests being represented – or the interests of the folks employed by – the Eagle Valley Land Trust?

FACTOID:  Commissioner Candidates – Jeff Layman and Courtney Holm both have agreed to put the question of the repeal of your Open Space tax back on your ballot.

This past week the Commissioner Stavney “weighed in” with his side of the story.

What Story?  Jon’s version of the latest “open space deal” (Edwards-Homestead) that has resulted in more Civil Litigation.  It was reported to the ECT this week that the respective case numbers filed in Eagle District Court are (2011CV614 and 2011CV1127)

To read a copy of Stavney’s version of the story about this Open Space purchase that has led to the current lawsuits (Click Here)

What sign is the Commissioner’s letter talking about?  This one in Edwards at the intersection of Rte. 6 and the Edwards access road.


Anyone who has spoken to the plaintiff in this lawsuit (ECT folks have) – knows that Barbara Allen complains about the times this “proposed open space deal” – went into “executive session” on matters of concern to the public about the particulars of this open space purchase.

The deal is complicated, involves multiple land parcels and legal issues including “access” via and near private property parcels, Agricultural Road access and Easements to/from Private Property.

On behalf of all reasonable County Voters, incumbent Stavney – the ECT has these questions.

1 – If this is “such a good open space deal” Mr. Stavney – why is it caught up in litigation?

2 –  Why the need  for any “executive sessions” Commissioner to put this deal together?  Open and Transparent County Government?

3-  Are the folks from the Eagle Valley Land Trust involved in something (purchase negotiations?) they would prefer “not to see the light of day”?

4 – Considering the sordid history of Eagle County’s Open Space purchases/program (can’t use, can’t find, can’t access) – why does there continue to be such controversy (read: now litigation) about these purchases?

Eagle County voters – now have the power to fix this (years long) Millions in Taxpayer abuse by the County’s Open Space program.

The ECT asks County Voters to seriously consider voting for County Commissioner Candidates – that have agreed (in no uncertain terms) to put the question of the Repeal of the County’s Open Space Tax – back on YOUR Ballot!

Isn’t it time for “personal agendas” to be replaced by Democracy in Eagle County?

Just exactly why is Commissioner Stavney – against allowing Eagle County voters – to vote?  What is Commissioner Stavney afraid of?

PART II – Just what is Commissioner Jon Stavney willing to put on your Eagle County Ballot?

Answer:  The Ballot Question REPEALING his own TERM LIMITS.  It’s true in 2010 all 3 Eagle County Commissioners voted to put the REPEAL of their own Term Limits back on your Ballot, Taxpayers.

Jon Stavney’s Ballot initiative failed.  Term Limits for Eagle County Commissioners are still in place – two, consecutive, 4 year terms is their limit.  Here is the 2010 Ballot Question for your review –  a complete copy of Eagle County’s 2010 Ballot can be read by (Clicking Here)



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