Eagle County Government Day – Here at the ECT!

Happy News!  Just “who” makes things run down at the Eagle County Building?

If you guessed the Board of County Commissioners –you’d be wrong!

The Correct Answer is – the Nice Folks who work there – are the ones that make our local Government run for you!  Always quick with a smile and pleasant demeanor Ms. Helen Lindow of the Eagle County – Clerk and Recorders office – wants to let you know where her focus is these days.


Show Me the Money!

Elected Eagle County Treasurer – Karen Sheaffer with County Finance Director John Lewis


You can Count on Me, To Count your Ballot!

Working on Teak Simonton’s team in the Clerk and Recorders office is – Elections Expert – Ms. Pat Magdzuik – making sure your Vote is Counted correctly!


Can you place their Name with their Photo?  The ECT folks can!

County Assessor – Mark Chapin

Ski Instructor and Finance Director – John Lewis

County Building Receptionist – Elda Romagnoli

Elected Eagle County Clerk and Recorder – Teak Simonton

Deb Sarthou and Carrie Van Beek of the Clerk’s Office

Meanwhile meeting with your elected County Commissioners…

Your elected Board of County Commissioners – don’t like tough questions.  Asking tough questions at their scheduled public meetings (during citizen input) reveals just how ‘thin their collective skin is’.  The fact is the brief dialogue presented here will give the ECT reader a good sense of asking your elected BoCC tough Community questions – around election time.

The ECT folks want to know if your Commissioners “know” how many Home Foreclosures have been filed in Eagle County – YTD – 2012 – that number is on the County’s website.

Commissioners – Sara Fisher, Peter Runyon, incumbent Jon Stavney running for re-election.

Scene? From the podium (and on County TV) at their meeting addressing the 3 sitting Commissioners

Media: How many County Home Foreclosures YTD?

Stavney: How many County Home Foreclosures? Something like 2400?

Runyon: ~300?

Fisher: I don’t have to answer that question – my County Attorney just said so!

Turns out – none of your elected Commissioners knew. The correct answer was 385 YTD on that day last week. Why didn’t they know? The short answer is because they don’t care. We all agree the Commissioners are not singularly responsible for County Foreclosures nor should they be expected to singularly deal with it – however the issue of creating any new Jobs in Eagle County to help stem the current Foreclosure Rate was as unfamiliar to them as an Eagle County Blizzard in July.  Not a good sign.

By Contrast and as an Example – the Public/Private teamwork the Town of Vail Government showed us this past summer. Economic Development? If it wasn’t a Concert in Vail, it was a Bike Race. If not a Bike Race, Restaurant week, OctoberFest – “heads in beds”, busy Restaurants, Weddings…whatever to stimulate Vail’s economic engine. Vail is unquestionably Eagle County’s economic locomotive today and it’s engine is ‘firing on all cylinders’ as the saying goes…because the Public and Private Sector made it their Priority.

What is it about incumbent Jon Stavney’s record – that shows Stavney doesn’t understand (care? grasp?) about the Town of Vail’s (Public/Private) Job creating example?

What? Stavney wants Millions more spent on Open Space? How many new County Job’s ‘created or saved’ with that agenda as your primary campaign message, Jon?

Fact is – with Runyon now term limited and soon gone…electing 2 new County Commissioners (a new majority with new County Priorities) is CLEARLY what is needed to help improve our County’s economic outlook – and Property Values – that our Schools and Fire Districts depend on for their revenue.

The ECT requests County Voters consider “returning incumbent County Commissioner – Jon Stavney” back to the Private Sector this election season…

With Mr. Eastwood’s help the ECT folks have arranged “special reserve seating” for Jon’s return back into Eagle County’s Private Sector.  Yes, your Eagle County Ballot gets U.S. Mailed to you this week – October 15th 2012


2 responses

  1. One, Teak is awesome- her happy happy happy and helpful office staff is proof of that.

    Two, will be fun to observe how trading seats (Stavney back to private construction, away from public servitude and Nelson into Public office and away from private construction) will uphold or change their views on Subsidized housing and taxation of various projects, such as Open Space. Fortunately for current Commissioner Stavney he won’t need to rely on a solely private income only.

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