From the Street

by Clayton Moore

Disappointment Reigns Supreme in Avon last week.  Avon’s new crop of November City Council Candidates asked by the Fishwrap last week – a reasonable question.

The gist of the Question?  How best to pay to run Avon’s Bus System?

None of the new candidates, nor the incumbent got the correct answer.

The correct answer is: STOP! Spending Millions litigating with Avon Developer Traer Creek!  That’s how.  (Click Here) to read their complete answers.


Who to vote for in Avon?  The candidate marketing himself as some sort of fiscal/financial wizard – answer was (in effect) let’s grow our Federal Deficit and “apply for a Federal Grant” to help pay to operate Avon Buses.  Great.  Your kid doesn’t even ride the buses in Avon – however candidate John Minervini wants your child’s future earnings (federal taxes) to pay for them.  Why doesn’t Avon just “cut out the middle man” (Federal Government) and apply for a loan directly from the 1st National Bank of Hong Kong, China – John?

The (lone wolf?) candidate Jake Wolf proved he doesn’t understand that a Municipality can’t “float a new Bond issue” to pay for Town Operations.  Capital improvements funded by Municipal Bonds?  Yes (street, bridges, buildings…etc) however you can’t fund your Towns “ongoing Operations” by issuing new Municipal Bonds, Jake.  Traditionally Jake, a Town offsets the reoccurring costs of running a Bus system to some source of reoccurring revenue – like a Sales and or Lodging Tax.

Avon candidate Jennie Fancher insisted in her answer – Avon Buses must be funded – however didn’t offer any specific ideas on how to do that.  Great.  Jennie has lots of nice campaign signs around Town.

Incumbent Buz Reynolds pointed out correctly that Eagle County’s Bus system (ECO Transit) has a Charter that specifically states it’s mission is to “connect the Towns of Eagle County via Transit” and that more money from Eagle County to pay for winter Buses between Avon and Beaver Creek should be applied for.  Good luck with that one Buz – if Jon Stavney gets re-elected you can expect Millions more spent for Open Space, not much attention paid to finding money for operating Buses.

Avon Candidate Matt Gennett?  Not sure what Matt’s answer/message was.  All the ECT can figure is …Matt thinks having a nice Bus system in Avon is a good thing.


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