Voters – the Media – the President

by the ECT  “we report – you decide”

What some voters are saying:


What the media says is the President’s Record:


What the President has to say about his Record:


3 responses

    • You’re right Tonto!
      What’s the Price of Gas (fuel) got to do with anything?
      1 Delivery costs, Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, Emery, DHL
      2 Cost for Groceries since they have to be delivered too
      3 Cost of an Airline ticket
      4 The cost to get to work in your car, Diesel Commuter Trains, Urban Bus Transit, To/From Ferries in our Costal Communities – Seattle, New York, San Franciso.
      5 The cost to run our Military – Army vehicles, Air Force Flights, Navy Ships
      ECT readers sure glad we have the insightful comments of (Tonto – to help us connect the dots – for our readers here at the ECT!
      How lucky we are – a real mental giant – who can see the “big-picture” of what the price of Gas (Fuel) has to do with the health of our Economy!

      • You’re crazy if you think an elected president has any major control over the price of gas. You might as well base your vote on the color of his tie.

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