Absurd? Mr. Godec? Eagle Valley Land Trust–On Defense after Lawsuit

The President of the Eagle Valley Land Trust – Publically accused Ms. Barbara Allen – Eagle County (land owner and taxpayer) of being “Absurd” last week.


To read Mr. Dan Godec’s complete comments from last week (Click Here)

Mr. Godec (photo) has accurately pointed out to Eagle County Voters that his latest land purchase proposal (Edwards-Homestead) is Embroiled in Litigation.Dan-Godec

In fact Ms. Allen’s original complaint (absurd lawsuit?) is 217 pages long, filed in Eagle County District Court. (Click Here) to download a copy of that lawsuit.

By the ECT’s count Mr. Godec that’s an awful lot of documented legal “Absurdity” – that you, Mr. Godec and incumbent Commissioner Jon Stavney are trying to dismiss as (trivial?) or perhaps even as a “frivolous lawsuit”.  ECT folks will let the Courts make that determination.

The ECT folks and others Mr. Godec question why you and others at the EV Land Trust failed to mention your meeting(s) that went into “executive session” – all the while insisting above that you’ve been “completely transparent” in disclosing open space plans of concern to the Edwards-Homestead proposed Open Space purchase that Commissioner Stavney and you have endorsed.


What Voters need to know – is that Mr. Godec (EV Land Trust President) is firmly on the side of incumbent Commissioner candidate Jon Stavney – Mr. Godec along with Mr. Stavney do NOT want the question of the REPEAL of our Open Space Tax – on your Ballot.

For the record the ECT folks want Eagle County Voters to decide the question of the Repeal of the Open Space Tax – NOT Mr. Godec nor Commissioner (please re-elect me) Stavney.


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