From the Street

by   the fans of SuperTramp

Avon Residences (WildRidge/Wildwood neighborhoods) that have been inconvenienced driving to/from their homes for the past few weeks – with the (1) lane closure – will get enjoy Avon’s Public Works supervised “encore” next week with the total closure of Metcalf Road for at least a week according to the recent Avon Press Release (Click Here)

WildRidge/Wildwood home owners will get to enjoy the pleasant long-distance drive up to and around Avon’s Mountain Star neighborhood for at least a week.  Ditto for any Emergency vehicles that need to access those neighborhoods as well…oh, by the way…

The only (good news?) is that Avon Public Works Director (Jennifer Strehler) has her residence in that neighborhood as well.

The ECT folks have prepared this special MP3 audio file (Circa 1979) – for your listening pleasure on your drive home after a long day at work (Click Here) to listen.

Vail’s Yellow Jackets – Ski Pass ‘pullin’ Police

Reported to the ECT folks this week – Allegations received that Vail’s so called Yellow Jackets – the ‘slow down while you’re skiing crew’ has something new for the 2012-2013 Ski Season.  Quotas!


Yes “Quotas” for pulling Ski Passes for enforcing safe and slow skiing at Vail this coming season.  The ECT folks don’t know for sure…however last season Vail saw an unprecedented number of Skier collisions on Vail Mountain that (reportedly) Vail CEO Rob Katz wants reduced this season.  The ECT recommends you don’t find out the hard way these folks are not kidding about skiing slower on Vail Mountain – in particular in high skier traffic areas.

In spite of the ECT efforts at trying to fine positive reasons to choose new Candidates for Avon’s Town Council…

All the evidence assembled so far – is a list of Avon Candidates – to avoid.

Don't-Vote-FancherIf you’re a fan of the (now almost) $3 Million Dollars in ongoing Legal Fees the Avon Taxpayer is responsible for…and the fact that the ‘Legal-Football’ is “still on the 50-yard line”.  The ECT identified your “candidate to avoid on your Ballot” in Avon this week.  Any Town Council candidate that has been endorsed by both current Councilmembers – Kristi Ferraro and Rich Carroll should be avoided like Pasteurella Pestis with a bad case of Viral Meningitis.  Sorry Jennie – ECT calls ‘em like we see ‘em.  For the ECT’s part Jennie – the ECT looks for candidates determined to resolve the litigation with Traer Creek – not prolong it for years as both Avon Councilmembers –  Ferraro and Carroll unquestionably have.


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