Vail’s Skier Parking – Worth Millions to the Town of Vail

by Clayton Moore

At first the ECT folks didn’t believe these Revenue Numbers in the Town of Vail.

So the ECT called Eagle County’s ‘Office of the Assessor’ – to confirm them.

Confirmed:  The ENTIRE Town of Vail’s annual Property Tax revenue is ~$4.2 MillionTOV-Revenue per Eagle County’s Assessor – Mark Chapin.

Now compare that to….Projected Skier Parking revenue raised at ~$3.8 Million per year!!  Yes, that ($3.8Million) is from the Town of Vail’s two parking structures operating from mid-November to mid-April as paid skier parking facilities.

Yes, ~90% of what Vail raises in Annual Property Tax Revenue – is raised by their two parking structures – over a 5 month time period!

Yes, the Town of Vail is offering skiers a 5 month “Gold Parking Pass” for the unbelievably low price of $3,250.00 !!  (Click Here)  Luckily there are no eligibility requirements for that Parking Pass – with the notable exception of making sure your check – actually clears the bank.

The ECT would like to remind Skiers that the $25.00/day you pay for Skier Parking in Vail – helps keep those Property Taxes in Vail as low as possible for Vail Homeowners.

ECT Credit to:  Lauren Glendenning’s story (blue inset) in the Daily Fishwrap from last week.


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