Vonage – Sounds Good but Looks Bad

by  there’s no limit to their Taxation

Vonage Phone Service?

Actually it works pretty well (if your Internet is reliable) – HOWEVER the Vonage TV Ads – only reveal 68.7% the cost of your $24.95 monthly phone service.

See below.  The ECT’s monthly $24.95 Vonage phone bill is actually $36.35/month – once our Federal and County Taxes are added into – what the TV claims you’re “only” paying.


Now consider what you’re paying at the Gas Pump for a Gallon of Gas.

FACT IS:  Look at your Paycheck.  The Feds and State Tax your income.  What’s left over…. your Take Home pay is….is Taxed again (both State and Federal) at the Gasoline Pump when you put Gas into your Vehicle – that you use to get to your JOB that you have to provide for your Family.  Or is it – your (Deficit laden) Government you’re really working to provide for?

But don’t worry Eagle County Citizen’s – if you just vote for ONE MORE Permanent Property Tax Increase – GOSH!  Everything will be fine….until one of the other Eagle County Taxing Authorities – decides it’s their turn to ask you for another Permanent Property Tax increase.

ECT asks that your VOICE be heard at the Ballot Box – this November 6th 2012!  It’s about time they hear from you!

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