Why Your VOTE – matters much more than Stavney’s Open Space Agenda

by Clayton Moore

Incumbent Commissioner candidate – Jon Stavney (photo) wants to make HIS PROBLEM – YOUR PROBLEM.

Jon-Stavney-ObamaStavney doesn’t want you to Vote.  The fact is, Stavney has publically stated he is dead set against giving you the opportunity to vote on the Repeal of Eagle County’s Open Space Tax.

Stavney’s Problem?  To date Commissioner Stavney has refused to lead (nor participate) in any Community based discussions of what our real Eagle County Community PRIORITIES are…then put those Priorities (with the help of County Taxing Authorities) on your Ballot.

What’s your Priority – Eagle County Voter?

In a County that is already 70%+ Open Space to begin with – is continuing to fund Open Space a higher Priority for your family and business than say…

-Funding for our Public Schools that your children attend?

-Funding for our County’s Fire District’s?  Ambulance Districts?  Police Protection?  Discussing/Creating/Investing in new Job opportunities – as a defense against our County’s out of control home foreclosure rate, now in it’s 3rd year?

The ECT is asking County Voters to consider voting for (2) new CommissionerJeff-Layman Candidates – that from the very start of this campaign season – have endorsed – giving you the voter – the opportunity to vote on what YOUR Eagle County Priorities are.  These two folks are not just one issue Commissioner candidates.

Those Eagle County Commissioner candidates are – Courtney Holm and Jeff Layman

The ECT folks endorse electing (2) new County Commissioners that will promote these Community Discussions, with voters and Taxing Authorities, that will ultimately lead to a November 2013 County Ballot – where you the Voters decide where our limited Tax Dollars – are best spent.

Your Vote is far, far more important than the personal agenda of Commissioner Jon Stavney.

It’s all about setting Priorities Voters – NOT promoting ‘personal-self serving agendas’ like Jon Stavney did – when he voted to put the issue of extending his own term limits on the November 2010 Eagle County Ballot.  That Ballot Issue failed, just like Jon’s (open space) agenda is failing our Community.  An ‘Open Space’ agenda the ECT will add – has resulted in a new 217 page Lawsuit being filed at the Eagle County District Courthouse (Click Here) to download a copy of that Lawsuit.


Eagle County Voters isn’t it time to send Jon Stavney back to Eagle County’s Private Sector?


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