At Home – With Courtney’s Campaign

by Peter Parker

Reported this past week – Lots of Early Voting and Mail-in Ballots are being cast in Eagle County.  All Eagle County offices are very busy dealing with early Voters – the message to all candidates – it’s likely County elections will probably already be won (read: majority of Ballots cast by) – by the time election day, Tuesday, November 6th 2012 happens…Time will tell.

Meanwhile….if you thought Vail and Beaver Creek’s snowmaking was impressive last week – it pales in comparison to the Blizzard like SNOW JOB coming out of the Daily Fishwrap folks last week.


The ECT folks had no idea at the number of (dyslexic alzheimer patients?) hard at work endorsing Candidates over at the Daily last week!  This ‘Brain Trust’ (read: the Fishwrap’s Editorial Board) insisted last week – “Eagle County is being run pretty well right now.”  FACT IS: unreported at the Daily last week – Eagle County’s Home Foreclosures YTD for 2012 – is at 401.  You see…when a majority of your paid print advertising dollar comes from selling over priced monopolistic ‘Real Estate’ Ads – it’s not good for business – to inform folks – the TRUTH about our County’s – Job Loss, hence Home Foreclosure rates.



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  1. what the Denver Post reported on EC economics today, Sunday–

    Colorado in a state of mixed economic recovery
    Posted: 10/28/2012 12:01:00 AM MDT
    By Aldo Svaldi
    The Denver Pos

    *The energy-dependent Western Slope, the mountain resorts and parts of hardscrabble southern Colorado remain behind where they were four years ago,

    … Republican nominee Mitt Romney led President Barack Obama by 1 percentage point in the last Denver Post poll

    Read more:

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