Why Courtney Holm and Jeff Layman – Need to be your next County Commissioners

by Clayton Moore

Courtney-Holm-1It’s a question of setting PRIORITIES for Eagle County – is the #1 reason Courtney Holm and Jeff Layman should be elected as your next Eagle County Commissioners.

Both Jeff and Courtney have committed (read: first) to putting the question of the REPEAL of the County’s Open Space Tax – back on your County Ballot.

Engaging our Community’s discussion – across all Taxing Authorities – to lead that discussion of Priorities and then on to your County Ballot – isJeff-Layman what this Commissioner election is all about.

Their opponents, (in particular – Jon Stavney – photo below) has made it perfectly clear – he’s against letting Eagle County Voters – vote for the Repeal of the Open Space Tax.

Jon Stavney has made it clear to our Community what his “personal agenda” is.


County voters in both Gypsum, the Eagle River Fire Protection District and the Basalt & Rural Fire Protection District – are being asked this November for a Property Tax increase – at the same time Stavney – has steadfastly refused to put the question of the Repeal of the County’s Open Space Tax on your Ballot.

It’s time to ask yourself, Eagle County Voter – what’s YOUR PRIORITY?

Is paying Taxes for Open Space more important to you – then paying Taxes for adequate Fire Protection?  What about your child’s Public School Education?  Does paying an Open Space Tax (in a County that is already 70%+ open space) – trump your child’s education?

It’s time for Eagle County to elect new Leadership – that will reach out to these other Taxing Authorities and discuss just what our Community Priorities are – then let you the Voter – use your Ballot to set them.

FACTOID:  Jon Stavney’s Property Tax paying residence is NOT in either the Gypsum Fire Protection District, the Eagle River Fire Protection District nor the Basalt & Rural Fire Protection District.

FACTOID:  In November 2010 – Jon Stavney did approve the County-wide Ballot about the Question of requesting/approving – Extending his own County Commissioner Term Limits.


Stavney’s Campaign Contributions:  From the Colorado Secretary of State’s – Public Record web site – Candidate Jon Stavney’s reported Campaign Contributions from (22JUL-11OCT2012).  For a Commissioner that has been on the Job for 3 1/2 years these contributions seem to the ECT folks to be ‘remarkably thin’ once the Land Trust employees and local Fly Fishing companies are subtracted from Stavney’s list.  (Click Here)

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