Jon Stavney’s "Community"

by Clayton Moore

The ECT has come out in support of County Commissioner candidates – Courtney Holm and Jeff Layman.

The ECT has also recommended that incumbent County Commissioner – Jon Stavney be returned to Eagle County’s Private Sector – by voting for his opponent Commissioner Candidate Courtney Holm.

Today the ECT will expose what Jon Stavney record as Commissioner – means to you the Voter using Jon’s own campaign Ad verbiage.


What does Jon Stavney documented record as County Commissioner prove he knows about “Building Community”?

1 – Jon’s Community – is a Community where only it seems JON gets to vote, specifically a Community where Eagle County Taxpayers and Voters are refused the opportunity to Vote – to Repeal Eagle County’s Open Space Tax.  (Click Here)  Jon did approve for the November 2010 General Election – the question of the EXTENSION of his own Commissioner Term Limits – to a proposed three consecutive, four year term(s) as County Commissioner. Message to the Voters from Jon?  “Me First – you Taxpayers Second!”

2 – A Community where Millions of Open Space Funds have been spent on Open Space Land you “can’t find, can’t use and can’t access” – Taxpayer.  (Click Here)

3 – A Community where Jon’s (et al) latest proposed purchase of Open Space (Edwards-Homestead) is now embroiled in Litigation.  (Click Here)

4 – A Community where the VIOLATION of Federal Drug law – has been approved by Jon and his two County Commissioner peers – by voting to approve the “so called” medical marijuana dispensaries now operating inside Eagle County.  (Click Here)

5 – A Community where Jon Stavney (didn’t know – doesn’t care?) what the 2012 YTD, Eagle County’s Home Foreclosure Rate is…a rate due primarily to Eagle County’s rampant Job Loss problem.  (Click Here)

6 – A Community where confiscatory County Regulations (ECO-Build) are kept in place at the expense and hope of creating any new Construction Jobs in Eagle County today. (Click Here)

For these documented and many other reasons – the ECT has come out in support of County Commissioner candidates – Courtney Holm and Jeff Layman.

It’s time Eagle County Voters – to send Jon Stavney – back to Eagle County’s Private Sector using your Ballot – this Tuesday, November 6th 2012.

Don’t be an Open Space “Dummy”

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