Vail Daily – Caught Lying about Property Taxes

by Clayton Moore – November 4th 2012

The ECT folks caught Vail Daily reporter Lauren Glendenning lying about Property Taxes for the Eagle River Fire Protection District this past week.

The ECT will prove it.

FACT:  After November 2011 when voters in the Eagle River Fire Protection District (ERFPD) voted NO – to temporarily raising their Property Taxes (via the Mill Levy) – the Board at the ERFPD – STILL RAISED THEIR MILL levy from 5.550 to 5.650 mills which Taxpayers have already paid in their 2012 Property Tax bill.

How is this legal, after the Voters said NO?  One possible explanation is because of existing ERFPD Bond debt – and the legal requirement for the District to continue to pay debt service on those Bonds.  The facts are the facts – as pointed out in the ERFPD Tabor Notice – that was U.S. Mailed to voters this year in the District (Click Here) to read that Tabor Notice.

Do you trust your ERFPD elected Board, Property Owners?

We all agree…how you vote on Ballot issue 5A should NOT be based on a Lie!

Now back to Lauren’s lie.  Here it is!


The Blue inset from Lauren’s Sunday article states “Will be in effect only until 2010 revenues are back (taking into account growth and inflation), meaning as property levels increase, the Mill Levy will decrease”.


5A-Ballot-LanguageFACT:  There is NOTHING in the Ballot Language that supports Laruen’s statement –”the Mill Levy will decrease”.  Unquestionably implied “adjusted lower” by some future elected ERFPD Board…

As Proof:  Here is the actual 2012 Ballot Language (left).

FACT:  Per Colorado’s State Statue, Lauren (et al) there is simply NO LEGAL AUTHORITY that allows any currently (elected) Fire District Board to COMMIT how future Fire District Boards will/won’t adjust future years Mill Levy’s.  This is the legal reason why, Lauren the Ballot Language doesn’t include those words – insisted as true in your story!

For anyone to suggest otherwise as you did Lauren – is a flat out LIE!

Lauren’s story is also wildly misleading – here’s how she did it.

1 – Lauren’s verbiage uses the term “cost” – when she should have more accurately used the term “increased cost” since Taxpayers are already saddled with a Mill Levy (5.650) against their Property in the ERFPD.  It is entirely possible for a casual reader – just (glancing?) at Lauren’s story (specifically; the blue insert above) to come away with the wrong impression – that the (TOTAL) cost (read: your entire ERFPD Tax Bill) from this proposed Property Tax increase is only “$150.00 per year for a $500,00.00 home”.  Was this done deliberately?  Consider the self described “Vail Daily – Editorial Board” has publicly come out in support of this proposed Ballot Issue (5A) Tax increase…

Lauren Glendenning should learn from her peer (Pam Boyd) and apologize to our Community as Pam did this past Sunday!  For a copy of Lauren’s entire misleading story (Click Here).  Shame on you Lauren.  We simply can’t Trust you.



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