Local Democrats celebrate -16,000 new IRS Agents!

by Clayton Moore

Now that Obama has been re-elected – and Senate Democrats still in the majority – there is ZERO chance for the repeal of Obamacare and it’s Army of 16,000 new IRS Agents.

Local Eagle County Democrats gathered last night to celebrate the Federal Government’s victory and obviously cheer on the new Tax Auditors.


Of Note:  The only man (glasses – background) in the above photo is Mr. Mark Chapin – our elected Eagle County Assessor.  Mark is a registered democrat.  Mark will also be very busy printing up new and INCREASED Property Tax Bills for all Commercial and Residential property currently listed in the Eagle River Fire Protection District.  That proposed new Property Tax was passed last night by predominantly liberal voters as well!

Last nights election showed it didn’t matter “who” the candidate was – only that (said) candidate had a (D) next to their name on Eagle County’s Ballot.

Near as the ECT can tell Glenn Gallegos (U of Colorado – Regent – District 3) was the only name on the County’s Ballot that won – with an (R) next to his name on the Ballot. (Click Here)

The ECT folks would like to suggest (our own “two thumbs up”) that these new 16,000 new IRS Tax Auditors – make these nice ladies in the photo – their first new customers in Eagle County along with the Eagle County restaurants – Café Luna in Avon and Paradigms in Eagle.


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  1. For the last four years Democrats and supporters of President Obama have been verbally abused by Republicans here, who, see a country the way they want it to be – not how it is. I will not return serve. Doing so goes against peaceful demonstration and what Dr. King taught us.

    I was once a Republican. I quit voting Republican years ago because I saw then, what America sees now – a party that rejected equality, freedom for all, and fair play.

    I still look for Republican candidates who are what I call true Republicans. I voted for Yuri Kostick.

    The Republican Party has been taken over by the far right and by an extreme, ideology. Locally, the editorial views of this blog and articles printed in the paper by Dick Gustafson, Butch M., and other usual suspects serve no other use than to keep poisoning the well. These ridiculous comments are not attracting new Republicans, they are not attracting young people to the party. No, they are hurting the party. They are part of the problem, not, the solution.

    There are good Republicans out there; David Stockman and David Walker come to mind, John Huntsman too. Maybe Chris Christie? But unfortunately, the Republican Party rejects these fair and reasonable minds. This is just more proof, of how far off base today’s Republican Party is.

    On election night I stopped into Paradigms. I had a nice chat Michael Cassiopa (if I’ve misspelled his last name I apologize). I had never met him before. Even though him and I disagree on just about everything, I found him to be quick thinking and smart. Each time I see him now I’ll say hello and ask if he has time for a chat.

    Michael told me, and I’ll paraphrase, that he thought the reason why Mr. Romney lost was that the party didn’t elect a conservative enough candidate.

    While I respect his views, all one has to do is look at the exit polls to see the real reasons why the Republican Party took such a beating locally and nationally.

    From Charles Blow, in today’s NYT:
    “According to exit polls, Obama won 60 percent of the 18 to 29 year old vote and 52 percent of the 30-40 vote. He won 69 percent of the vote in big cities and 58 percent of the vote in mid-sized cities. He won 93 percent of the black vote and more than 70 percent of both the Asian vote and the Hispanic vote. He won over half of the female vote. And he won 76 percent of the gay, lesbian and bisexual vote.

    “The base of Democratic support in this country is expanding. The Republican base is shrinking, becoming more racially homogenous, more rural and older”.

    If the Republican Party does not drop its far right platform and return to the party of Lincoln, elections will continue to be lost.

    So what’s really to fear here is not President Obama’s agenda. It’s the fear that our country will be led by one party, not two. It’s the fear that balance will have gone by the wayside. It’s the fear that our politicians will keep the gloves up, instead of deal making and working with each other.

    I long to vote for a Republican. If I had it my way, I’d put David Stockman in charge of the budget. I’d vote for Michael Bloomberg, a former Republican. Locally, I thought Jeff Layman was a good choice. But like I say, the well is poison. Jeff didn’t present enough of a case that he has his own views, that he’s not simply following the script.

    Folks around here on the right can either accept and embrace our country for how it is, drop their out of touch ideology, and listen to people like me who are telling them what the problems are – or become irrelevant. It’s my hope they choose the former. Because I want a balanced government, not a lopsided one.

    Paul Kulas
    Eagle, CO

  2. I’m not sure what your point is.

    In any case it’s a waste of my time to engage with you and most others around here, because all you and the rest do is yell. When no one listens, the response is to yell louder. Good luck with that.

    I’ve said what I said.

    I’ve also sent an expanded version of this to the Daily for print.

    But I sincerely thank you for letting me post here.

  3. .
    I am sticking to the subject-Democrats- and who gets their votes.

    The topic of the (not my!) current Presidents Democrat Party and Minority voters.

    Fundamental Ideology of the Democratic Party:

    * Liberals thereby form the largest united typological demographic within the Democratic base.
    * Historically, the party has favored farmers, laborers, labor unions, and religious and ethnic minorities
    * liberals favor cultural pluralism, a system in which immigrants retain their native culture in addition to adopting their new culture.
    * The party believes that government should play a role in alleviating poverty and social injustice
    * Modern liberals and progressives constitute roughly half of the Democratic voter base.
    * Most liberals oppose increased military spending and the display of the Ten Commandments in public buildings.

    • I think you have to get past labels. Why do we have be called something? I’m an American. We’re too quick to want to put everyone and everything into a box, so we can identify it.

      I think you’re way off base with your assumptions. See my piece in tomorrow’s Daily. I don’t believe the Democratic party wants a nanny state. I know I don’t. Neither does my mother or father, or any of my friends — all Democrats.

      I want to get rid of waste. I believe that people should have to pass a drug test to stay on on Federal aid. I believe there should be means testing for Federal aid. Let entrepreneurs write software to detect fraud. Let the testing go to private enterprise. So the government’s role is not to control, but to open up new streams of revenue.

      No one I know opposes military spending. But it makes zero sense to keep building ships when we live in a connected world. Unfortunately, some of the brightest minds in programming have gone to the dark side. They’re spending all day every day trying to crack routers. We should be spending money on protecting on firewalls, not so much on ships.

      I’m all for religion. But I’m about freedom of religion. I don’t care if someone wants to display the ten commandments. But on the flip side, I think the Muslims should be able to build their mosque’s wherever they want to.

  4. Bowlhiker, specifically you need to say “you have to get past labels. Why do we have be called something” to your President.

    Unfortunately by his re-election win, it means the majority of Americans agree with his social/civil/class division so you are preaching to the choir and your voice will be ignored.

    “Obama’s Big Hispanic Win”
    (AP) —

    Obama, meanwhile, announced in June that immigration authorities would grant work permits to people brought here illegally as children who graduated high school or served in the military.

    (Snip) The conversation was initially off the record but later published with the president’s consent.

    “And since this is off the record, I will just be very blunt,” Obama said. “Should I win a second term, a big reason I will win a second term is because the Republican nominee and the Republican Party have so alienated the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, the Latino community.”


  5. Good morning,

    Reasonable people can have great discussion.

    I’m not proposing I have all the answers.

    What I am saying, is that the GOP has many problems. Analyzing the data then propping up a candidate to fit the formula, just in time for the next election, is not going to work. For the GOP to return, it’s going to take candidates with beliefs that track to their core.

    I understand you’re disappointed. But rather than rush to judgment or make quick decisions, it’s time for the party to listen. Respect reality. Which, btw, is where conservatism starts.

  6. I am disappointed only because this is not new, same ol same ol. Change the D to a R–same ol… change Obama to Bush–same ol same ol…

    In fact go back in history and its the same ol same ol…just increase the debt, fast-forward to more dangerous wars…but still it is status quo.

    That is the issue in my opinion. And it likely explains the Tea Party and the ever-increasing number of unaffiliated voters..

    I agree entirely here with you ” it’s time for the party to listen. Respect reality. Which, btw, is where conservatism starts” –but it has to be both D and R—and until that time , nothing will change, including wooing specific ethnicity/race. Sad statement on what America is/has become today-.

    So we will just plug along and hope for the best, eh?!

    Same ol same ol!

  7. I don’t agree that it’s the “same ol, same ol”.

    Dark money was marginalized. The Tea Party was a great example of citizen movement. It can happen, I hope it does. Those are big changes.

    Democrats have changed how elections are ran forever. They showed how important it is to pay attention to what people are thinking. Disagree with the party, fine. But you have to admire how they ran their campaign. It’s a brilliant example of data mining. They just kicked butt. If I’m a Republican, I’m on a mission to hire some of their programmers.

    So there’s a lot that’s new.

    As Republicans move through the 5 stages of grief, there will be a new beginning.

    Build from the bottom up, not the top down. Young people are key.

    Focus on economic opportunity. Ditch dogma.

    I feel the biggest economic opportunity is energy. Primarily, alternative energy and conservation.

    There’s a great movie on iTunes and Amazon, “Carbon Nation”. Here’s the link:

    Download it. Watch it.

    One does not have to believe in climate change to believe in this movie. The economic opportunity of retro fitting buildings, alternative energy and conservation, is like no other. Watch this movie. Before you do, set aside everything you believe about “green”, “solar”, blah bla blah. Again, practice conservatism and listen.

    If you do, I think you’ll agree with me. Because the numbers add up.

    Back to Obama. If the ACA act doesn’t lower insurance costs for my company, I’m complaining. If the deficit isn’t reduced, I’m complaining. If unemployment doesn’t drop, I’m complaining. So as bad as you think it is, the GOP could bounce right back in 2014 and 2016.

    Got to go make it rain now.

    Many thanks for the great discussions.

  8. The Democrats ran a excellent campaign, at least here in CO. great marketing of their product.

    Happy rainmaking–


  9. Here’s another couple of thoughts.

    The Republican primary’s were about who was the most “conservative”. Remember the players? Bachman, Perry, Santorum, Cain. It was basically a crazy fest. C’mon, you gotta admit it.

    They all took turns attacking Romney, talking about he’s really just a “Massachusetts Moderate”.

    The primaries went on for what seemed like, forever. But all that time, what was really going on? They all took turns battling Romney, effectively degrading their brand.

    So when the primaries were over, Americans were supposed to all the sudden forget what was said. Romney’s campaign manager even used a “Etch a Sketch” metaphor! “Hey Americans. Forget about what we said during the primaries — we didn’t mean it”.

    Did they really think Americans were that dumb? I think they did.

    So Republicans ruined their chance of winning the election — in the primaries. What were they thinking???

    I wrote staff months ago, that the Republicans best chance was John Huntsman. Hell I might have voted for him. But no! Huntsman wasn’t “conservative” enough.

    When Huntsman dropped out, that’s when what little hope I had for the party was gone. It was proof positive, of how far off the deep end the party was.

    So is anyone still battling the 5 stages of grief?

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