EC School District 2012-2013 Payroll Now online

by local Bean Counters

EC-School-District-NewNow that the November Elections are behind us…The ECT folks thought it was time to show the Eagle County Property Taxpayer – what their employees of the Eagle County School District are being paid for the 2012-2013 School year.

ECT wishes to thank the Eagle County School District for providing this information under the ECT’s formal open records request to the District.

The District also requested that the ECT publish this list (withholding) individual names.  After review and careful consideration, the ECT has decided to honor the District’s request – and provide EC Pr0perty Taxpayers – with the Salaries, Job Description and ECSD “Categories – Teachers, Administration”…etc…

For a Microsoft Excel version of the file to download (Click Here)

For a PDF version of the file to download (Click Here)


From the ECSD – Director of Communications – Mr. Dan Dougherty



11 responses

  1. ANSWER:
    Capitalism is based on private ownership –
    Schools are public servants–not private entities –
    Karl Marx despised Capitalism –

    (Ironically after looking at these salaries of which the taxpayer has no say) Karl Marx believed Capitalism created prosperity for only a few and poverty for many.


    RE Free Market
    A free market is a market where the price of a good or service is determined by supply and demand, rather than by governmental regulation.
    A free market contrasts with a controlled market or regulated market, where price, supply or demand are subject to regulation or direct control by government

  2. Where is the connection that schools are “public servants”?

    But let’s say that’s true, which it’s not.

    A reasonable person or disinterested third party would read this post and conclude that because a school is a government entity, or a tax payer dollar is involved, then tax payers should have a say in the salaries.

    Logically, then, for each employee where a tax payer dollar is involved, an election should be held to determine their salary.

    So let’s think about that for a minute.

    How many employees are there in CO where a tax payer dollar is involved? Let’s take the easy number, say there’s 5000 state employees – that’s 5000 elections, or 19 per day, including holidays.

    The law says an employer has to give an employee time off to vote. With what you’re proposing, employees would not be paid to work — they’d be paid to vote. Because you’d have to agree that at 19 elections per day, there’d be no time to work.

    Then, to discriminatory testing, each business with an SBA loan or that is somehow connected to government (a tax payer dollar is involved), an election also has to be held to determine those businesses employees salaries.

    Say what?

    You often claim that this website is a hub. You claim that’s more popular than the Vail Daily, I believe.

    If so, then it only stands to reason that your site is popular with Republicans. Because, the content on this site is generally anti-Democrat. I don’t believe I’ve ever read one positive post here on President Obama. Matter of fact, you claim he’s not your President.


    I can guarantee you, posts like these are not helping to attract new Republicans.

    You’re certainly entitled to your content. Reasonable people, young people, are not attracted to this type of content or to a party (this site is the messenger) that practically demonizes teachers salaries and draws reference that elections should be held to determine the salaries of any business connected to government funds.

    Clayton, all you’re doing, is talking to an ever decreasing base. No one else is listening.

  3. The teacher quality not seniority is the most important thing. How do you determine that. The result from exams?

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Bowlhiker- in this case you are wrong if you are referring to Public school district employees.
    Please read on re Public Servant defined (But you might prefer the words Civil Servants, which mean the same thing)
    A public servant is generally a person who is employed by the government, either through appointment or election.
    Examples include, among others, police officers, paid and volunteer firefighters, health officers, the public works director and designees, city clerk and designees, code enforcement personnel, and other city personnel authorized to enforce city ordinances, statutes, and codes.

    Civil Servants-Teacher
    Teachers who teach at public elementary, middle and high schools are considered civil servants, because their salary is paid by taxpayers.

    A civil servant or public servant is a person in the public sector employed for a government department or agency. The term “civil servant” encompasses a huge range of careers. Civil servants are professionals who work for the government and whose salaries are paid by taxpayers. Civil service can be conducted at the national, state and local level.

  5. Hi Mr. Lindholm-good question you asked. I waited to see if anyone would answer you and they haven’t so I will.

    It is fairly simple really.

    If your child/grandchild is coming home learning, at minimum, what you learned at that grade level, then your teacher is doing a good job teaching – teacher quality is there..

    If your child is coming home unable to spell, read or add, then it’s time to look for a alternative education.

    More so, if your child’s teacher says to you (and I quote one who will remain nameless btw) “have you noticed how Dumbed Down the curriculum is now?” — I recommend you relocate your child, and in a very short time frame too!

    There are several good alternatives as well today, all of which produce optimum educational /socialization results.

    * One, enroll in a private charter school such as Stone Creek Charter.

    * Or enroll a public charter school such as ECCA.

    * Or, use a entirely private school, such as VCHS.

    * And finally, with the numerous programs offered to Preschool thru High School students (and educated parents now at home rather than working) Home School your child.

    Do what works for you and your child and not what our public sector tells you what you “should” do. And trust your gut instinct, you will find you are ‘spot on.’

    PS Always ‘follow the money’ — that will reveal what the facts really are.

  6. Good morning Reader,

    I don’t see the logic, but let’s say you’re right about the public servant issue. I stand by the rest of my post.

    The Republican Party has DNA issues. It’s not going to do any good to simply prop up candidates who’ve memorized the revised script taken from polling data.

    Because Americans have shown they can see through it. I don’t think Romney was near the candidate that, say, Mr. Mazucca says he was in today’s Daily. For example look at the beating he took in Michigan and Massachusetts. Voters in Wisconsin, Ryan’s home state, voted solid blue.

    Everything we say or do is digitized and available for recall at a moments notice. Words and policies of Romney’s and Ryan’s past popped up and bit them in the rear. Americans said no way. Say what you want about Obama, but the most dirt they can find on the man is that he broke up with some girl when he was 19 and smoked a little weed.

    Publishing hard working “public servant’s” salaries and then demonizing the pay they take home turns voters off. It’s not attractive to anyone, but the loyal home base here. Most of the posts here do the same thing.

    So what’s the real purpose of this website then? If the plan is to make a difference, that plan is backfiring. Public policy hasn’t been affected, the county is blue now. If you ask most reasonable political wonks around here, they’ll tell you this site is a turn off. This site follows the logic of Sheldon Adelson.

    You mention charter schools, which this site is also highly supportive of as “the answer”. My view is that this site would like to see public schools go by the wayside. Your comments seem milder.

    1 and 4 kids in Eagle County are on an IEP (individualized learning plan). There are something like 500 kids in this county who have some degree of a learning disorder or who are part of special education.

    Charter schools don’t have IEP’s, nor do they have special education programs. When visitors to this site read such strong support of charters as the solution, the perhaps unintended consequences of this commentary is to tell parents with kids in special education or those with kids on IEP’s that, “you’re on your own”. And “you’re on your own” is exactly what the Democrats have accused the right of for years, most of which is deserved.

    You’re on your own is a turn off and voters reject it (no one wants a nanny state, another assumption the right has wrong). It shows a lack of understanding of our community, zero compassion, less than zero compassion for handicapped kids. It also ignores the families who can’t afford a voucher or a charter.

    Follow what Bill and Melinda Gates are doing with education and you’ll see well researched solutions. Publishing salaries, preaching to abolish public schools, endorsing charters and vouchers while not taking into account the rest of the kids, has no connection to conservative principles.

  7. One more.

    You can’t argue, that when taking in the backstory here, the point of publishing salaries is to say, “Look. They’re making too much money”!

    Oh really?

    My wife volunteers 3 days a week at Brush Creek. This morning, the Principal of my kid’s school was out directing traffic. Each day she arrives before 7. Most days she doesn’t leave until after 5. She knows the names of each kid in the school. Teachers and Administrators attend seminars during the year, on their time.

    I’m guessing their hourly rate isn’t all that impressive.

    So to complain about these salaries of middle class folks (Romney said that incomes below 250k are middle class) who show up early and stay late, who stand out in cross walks in the freezing cold, who attend workshops on their personal time, it’s a low blow. It shows zero understanding of what’s really going on out there.

    Folks, you can continue to show support for this type of an agenda, that’s on you. But if we really do end up with one party and a nanny state, don’t blame me or those who voted for Democrats.

    No, you’ll only have yourselves to blame. We’d have voted for a Republican, but they were all kooks. So we voted for Democrats.

  8. For me, the final analysis is this.

    It starts with what Bobby Jindal had to say today. He’s echoing what most out there are saying, which is that if this isn’t a slap in the face to the GOP, the GOP needs to be slapped in the face — they deserve to fade away into obscurity.

    Bobby said on Politico today:

    “We’ve also had enough of this dumbed-down conservatism. We need to stop being simplistic, we need to trust the intelligence of the American people and we need to stop insulting the intelligence of the voters.”

    When I read commentary such as what I’ve noted here, that excludes my child and other children in the community, I read simplicity. You’re insulting me and my intelligence. On election day I remember, I check the blue box as a knee jerk reaction. I believe that the commentary on this website is damaging to the GOP brand. I also believe that by and large, the commentary here has no connection to conservative principles.

    So while most around here have spent the past four years complaining about the President and Democrats, you should be thanking us. Because we’re now telling you what’s wrong, giving you the blueprint on how to win elections.

    I think you also owe us an apology. Because the fact that we’re reaching out to you, shows how patriotic we are. I can’t imagine the right would have been anywhere near this generous had Romney won. No apologies are necessary though, what’s done is done. It’s time to look…”Forward” now.

    Speaking of forward, the model going forward is here:

    Those who believe in this model will be successful — no matter which side they’re on. Those that don’t? I don’t think politics is your cup of tea.

    Good luck to you all and I sincerely mean that.

    Paul Kulas
    Eagle, CO

  9. Hi Bowlhiker! I am tired tonight so I will answer more tomorrow however, re “My view is that this site would like to see public schools go by the wayside. Your comments seem milder.” My comments are milder because Public school, especially here, is good. Sometimes kids just don’t fit and parents have many great choices if it is education, and not free daycare they seek for their children..

    Most Charter schools of any quality have highly involved parents and students-and staff so they are free to individually teach and get the same, or better, results without the need for IEP’s.
    I have some experience in public, private, and charter schools.

    The federal government needs to get out of Public Education Business and practice MYOB for once.. Until they do that, public schools are doomed to a downward spiral. and not because of their teachers, because of federal mandates. Unfortunately for taxpayers, and school employees, we now have 4 years plus of busybody Feds in our children’s education. that should be a state decision–in fact I think that’s written in some of those pesky Documents our country is supposed to operate on…”supposed to” but largely side-stepped or ignored completely.

    Have a great night–you and your wife are the parents all schools treasure–

    PS Homeschooling is cool too. Great kids, great education, great groups of families working together. I remember taking a group of G/T public school kids to Beaver Creek for a event and the staff there thought they were a home school group because they were so respectful, intelligent and pleasant..

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