ECT Reader Feedback from last week – Post Election

by some the ECT Readership

Interesting that some proponents of the so called Medical Marijuana community like to site – our U.S. Constitution’s – 10th Amendment as a form of (justification?) for the violation of Federal Law.

Apparently – the Montana State Legislature, just like Colorado’s – has come to the same conclusion about the 10th Amendment – and the (violation?) of Federal Law.  (Click Here) to review the web page link from the graphic below.  Per below – the State of Montana – has little interest in “Obamacare” obviously preferring what is in place in Montana today.


What about ECT Reader Feedback?

OK – Here is a bunch of it – CAUTION, some of it contains language that your Mother would probably not approve of.


A permanent Property Tax increase was approved by voters that own property in the Eagle River Fire Protection District last week.  It was known as Ballot Issue 5A.

It was passed with the help of “Citizen’s Campaign for 5A – registering the Internet Domain Name –   ERFPDVoteYes.Com

So just “who” are these folks that support this Permanent Property Tax Increase?

None of your business, thanks to the “Privacy Protection Service, Inc.  See Below…the ECT folks believe the people responsible have a direct and personal financial interest in inflicting a Permanent Property Tax increase in Eagle County.



3 responses

  1. The government needs to leave stoners and those who want to get an abortion alone. The war on drugs was lost years ago. Legalize drugs and prostitution, do it now.

    Think about the possibilities for entrepreneurs. New shops could open with happy hours — “Get baked, get laid”. Now that’s a value proposition.

    The weed business creates jobs. Electricians to come in a put up the lights. Carpenters to come in and do tenant finish. Plumbers to put in the watering systems. I believe in Denver, my home town, the weed business has brought $125 million to the city. That’s a lot of dough, ray, me.

    Think of all the tax dollars and licensing fees. New apps could be written, telling someone who’s got the best strain of super ganga. Big economic opportunity is going up in smoke, each day that weed isn’t legal.

    Watch this movie when it comes out:

  2. My friend’s relative is the Head of the Department of Corrections in a state I won’t say. He/she/it says that victimless crimes are a huge drain on the system and that it makes zero sense to lock up those convicted of a victimless crime.

  3. Nice foul language from our’ school district employee on a taxpayer owned/funded school computer and email…

    So glad they spend a lot of time with our impressionable children…

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