Elections have Consequences

by Clayton Moore

Most folks want to know “how does this recent election effect me?”

Consider:  Every single winning candidate on the Eagle County Ballot that had a (D) behind his/her name (read; won in their Eagle County race) – except for one. Which one?

The “hotly contested” U of Colorado Regent race, where Glenn Gallegos won in spite of the (R) behind his name on your Eagle County Ballot.  ECT readers can decide for themselves…just how a single (Hispanic name?) with an (R) behind it won in Eagle County while every single other candidate with an (R) behind his/her name on your Eagle County ballot – lost their election in Eagle County proper…

Unquestionably, California Democrats have taught Colorado Democrats by example…as long as the Government free handouts are flowing out…they stay in.  Apparently the (majority?) of Eagle County voters don’t seem to be able to understand – that in addition to paying for your own Healthcare insurance (and the increased costs of Obamacare) the Federal Tax Dollars you pay – also fund “Medicaid and CHP Plus – Public Health Insurance Programs.”  That is, if you don’t count the additional $4 Trillion spent by the Obama folks running up the Federal Deficit – your children and grand children will be saddled with.


FACTOID:  Below – local Eagle County Democrats – cheer the 16,000 new IRS Agents that Taxpayers also get to pay for under Obamacare…


Vail: – The economic effects of Obamacare in Vail?  The ECT reader can decide for themselves (below) from the Vail news line last week.

The Gist?  – “The Steadman Clinic physicians have determined that because of costs associated with the project and uncertainty regarding healthcare trends, the group does not think it is prudent to proceed with the medical office building,” said Lyon Steadman, CEO of The Steadman Clinic.“

Job Creation indeed.  No new Medical Office Building Project.


Can anyone explain to the ECT readers just what these women in the above (photo) are cheering about?

Good News for the Democrat Ladies in the photo above?


Shown Here – the brand new Walgreens Drug Store and Pharmacy – opened in Avon last week – it’s located on the same site as the (now torn down and removed – Avon Denny’s was) – it’s just off Avon’s main I-70 Exit for the ladies traveling in from Eagle.  Might the ECT suggest to the ladies cheering in the above photo – when checking out with your free Government paid for Contraceptives – use the pass phrase “My Country for a Condom” at the cash register.  When the Walgreen’s cashier asks you what the secret password is…just say “Sandra Fluck sent me”


10 responses

  1. Howdy Clayton,

    I’m not buying it. My guess is that Steadman Hawkins is withdrawing because they can’t compete. The days of charging $1500 bucks for crutches and $200 bucks for aspirin are coming to and end. Amen for that.

    If they don’t build, that just creates opportunity for someone else to come and get the land at a lower cost. No?

    Or, I know Eagle Ranch would love to have them.

    Survival of the fittest.

    • BowlHiker –

      ECT says…”Jury still out on this one”. ECT will wait and see how the rest of Eagle County’s Medical Community reacts in the meantime…
      ECT can’t name one U.S. wide Federal Government program that “works” without running up huge DEFICITS.
      How about that FEMA in NJ? Post Office everywhere? Medicare, Medicade, Social Security?
      And BowlHiker…believes Obamacare is somehow going to work? Be solvent?
      ECT thought BowlHiker was smarter than that.

  2. Great piece! Obamacare will kill medical care in America. Wow! Where will Saudis, Canadians etc go for immediate quality medical care?;-(

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Free Government Contraceptives? You got to be kidding ECT. Just look at those women in that photo! They don’t need contraceptives, heck! The only person that can stand to be in same room with these radicals is (as you pointed out) the Eagle County – Tax Assessor – Mark Chapin!

    • Something that you, and obviously the ect, don’t understand is that it isn’t government provided contraception. The law only changes what private insurers are required to provide. You can’t go to Walgreens and get “free government paid for contraceptives”. I think suggesting the women in the photo, all of them members of the community, should trade their country for a condom is pretty offensive. Not signing your name to it is pretty cowardly, and not signing your name to it when everyone already knows who you are makes you look like a clown.

  4. Tonto – got that claim documented? What page of Obamacare backs up your claim?
    ECT is the home of “Click Here” Journalism. Perhaps you should just cancel your ECT subscription and demand a full refund. Gee…you can always post your online comments over at the Fishwrap…oh…wait…they don’t do that anymore now do they?

    • What about YOUR claim? You imply that any woman can go to walgreens and get free condoms courtesy of the taxpayer. You offer no substantiation and I call bs, because it is bs. Click here journalism? Where’s the link? Baseless speculation and half-baked rabble-rousing would be more accurate labels.

      • Tonto – you are growing tiresome.
        If you have an opposing point of view (not a complaint about someone else’s opinion) that you can document – or perhaps a new report (documented) on a topic of concern to our Community here at the ECT, your written comments are welcome.
        In the meantime if the central theme of your comments is just to complain about the ECT – we’re happy to put you on a permanent online vacation.
        Your choice – make a responsible comment – or take a walk.
        ECT commenter “BowlHiker” doesn’t agree with the ECT either – however he does make reasonable comments (defends his position) without necessarily badgering the ECT folks (personally) all the time.
        Loud mouth lefties that can do no more than complain about the messenger – when they read something they don’t like – are not welcome here. They add nothing to our discussion and only detract from the conversation.
        Choose your path, Tonto.

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