Takers vs. Makers – How Obama Won

by Clayton Moore

No rational hard working, tax paying person would nor did vote to re-elect Obama.

Then, how did he do it?

The short answer is – there are just more folks “on the take” then on the taxpaying “makers” who pay into the system.  Besides the Taxes you pay Obama and his democrat cronies had to run up the Federal Deficit by $4 Trillion dollars in addition to what you pay – to get more folks “on the take” over the last 4 years.  See chart below.  And they (now in the majority) voted to stay “on the take” – November 6th 2012.

2013?  Taxes going up, you keep less of what you earn.  What you do earn will have less value (read: inflation now in play) how much and how bad remains to be seen.  Interest rates will no doubt climb as China demands higher interest on the money they lend to the U.S. because our money (due to inflation) will simply be worth less in the Global economy.

The Government across all levels is now the #1 enemy of the hard working, taxpaying American family – the family who pays in and doesn’t take food stamps, free medical, unemployment benefits…(the list is endless).  The democrats…whether you choose to admit it or not – have mortgaged your child’s future to a level they have no chance to escape.  Tyranny is what is at the bottom of the Fiscal Cliff.  You’re on your way.Takers-vs-Makers


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  1. Another sign of the times? “Denver Rescue Mission has only 385 turkeys of the 18,000 it needs – This time last year, the shelter had received 1,500”

    The mission workers attribute it to this “The low number is attributed to Thanksgiving being earlier than normal this year and to recent tragedies such as Hurricane Sandy…”.

    Perhaps a substantial part of the problem is those who used to help need help themselves now-

    Read more at http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_21989225/rescue-mission-needs-18-000-turkeys-only-270

  2. Who voted ?? Well I was a poll book judge and more than 50% of registered voted in my book did not vote . Axelrod, Burton etc said they would ” kill Romney ” in this election and they did with lies and innuendo. Those who voted for Obama did so on the basis of entitlements, social issues and… Yes.. race. The religious right certainly had a negative impact on the Republican Party. My new party is The “Republitarian Party” which consists of fiscal conservatives and social libertarians. It won’t fly in my lifetime. By the end of obamas second term we will have an apathetic, ignorant entitlement seeking populous sucking at the teats of government until it collapses. Keep it up Kemosabe Sluggo

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  3. That is all true, but–the election was held, the few who voted voted by electoral majority for Obama.

    So, it is what it is for four more years. If not, then show me how we can change it at this point?

  4. This “Obama won a second term handily in the electoral college, but about 48 percent of the voting public wanted Republican Mitt Romney in office instead.”


    Guess it just proves the importance of voting–and not figuring it just doesn’t matter or someone else will take care of it – It matters and they won’t.

    End of my posts here. May God Bless America.

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