Fishwrap’s – Tax Math

by the Lehman Brothers

How much did that School cost the Taxpayers?  Fishwrap reporter Randy Wyrick strikes again.


ECT folks still amazed the Fishwrap folks can find their way to work in the morning.  Using a four function calculator?  Out of the question.  Doubtful they even know what one is.  According to Wyrick’s story…

Cost of Addition to ECCA School:  $12,240,322.00

Who Pays?  $2 Million from Eagle County Taxpayers

Add in:  $937,679.00 from fundraising efforts from the ECCA folks (aren’t they also Taxpayers?  Who got their fundraising money from other Taxpayers?  Just asking)Fishwrap-Math

The rest/balance of their Funding?  $9,302,653.00 – Oh, that came from a “GRANT” from the Colorado Department of Education.

GRANT?  – Proof Positive that Santa Clause is alive and well…and operates a turbo-charged, water cooled money printing press in the basement of the Colorado Department of Education.  Taxpayers don’t pay for that do they?  Yippie!  It’s all free!

But that’s OK, right?  After all, “it’s for the kids”, isn’t it?  Actually it is Deficits that are for the kids…their parents and Educators and Administrators it seems, couldn’t care less…

From the top of Wyrick’s story it states  “Taxpayers pay $2 Million toward $12 Million Eagle County Charter Academy” – frankly the ECT folks don’t know what Wyrick is talking about…Apparently, Mr. Wyrick has spent sometime in the recent past, working to adjust numbers in the Accounting Department at Lehman Brothers…

Ordinarily, Fishwrap Reporter Randy Wyrick is pretty good – however we see that when it comes to his years long exposure in the Fishwrap’s Newsroom – “stupid” it seems… is as contagious as it is…incurable.


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