From the Street

When the ECT folks look at the (former lake) in Avon – what we really see is the drained Avon Town Treasury – now approaching ~$3 Million dollars in spent legal fees fighting/suing Avon Developer Traer Creek…and what did the Avon Taxpayer receive in return for this?



Like the lake in Avon – the Taxpayers are most certainly left “high and dry” by their elected City Council.  To make matters even worse – Avon’s just elected Town Council – voted to keep Rich Carroll as the Mayor.

Avon Taxpayers can now expect tidal waves of more bad financial decisions with Carroll still at the helm.  Perhaps nobody else wanted the job.  Or the blame.


How about some “Happy News” for December?

OK – try this…turns out a Company called “WesTower Communications” has been quietly installing new Antennas, Radio gear and a high speed Internet backbone…

Where?  In Vail to start with.

What for?   AT&T’s new – very high speed (4G LTE) network for your SmartPhone.  Click on the photo to enlarge it – yes, this photo taken in Vail on Halloween this year…

You can expect to experience this new AT&T Wireless Network along Vail’s Frontage Road(s) (before Christmas – the ECT folks claim) first as the build out continues from Vail – then West into the rest of Eagle County, Colorado.

You heard it here first at the ECT!  Of course, that’s why your read us!

What about Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint?  No official word to report on their 4G LTE build out at this time…However WesTower is a company (sub-contractor actually) that can put in place and build out any Telco’s infrastructure for 4G LTE – WesTower has the necessary skill sets and manpower.

So?  So if you’re considering upgrading your SmartPhone this Holiday season to a new SmartPhone – make sure the one you buy has the “4G LTE chipset” built into your new SmartPhone.  iPhone users MUST upgrade to the iPhone 5 to get that new chipset – also the iPad (version 3.0 now available for sale) also has the 4G LTE chipset in it (you have to buy the correct model iPad – buy the way).  Android based SmartPhones (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T) have had the 4G LTE chipset in many of their new models for many months now…




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