Snow? Henry shows – Not as Good as this time – Last Year!

Anyone who has visited the top of Vail Mountain by Patrol HQ’s knows where Henry’s Hut is.

So does a Golden Retriever on Vail Mountain named Henry.  Vail Ski Patroller – Chris “Mongo” Reeder has been training Henry as an Avalanche Rescue Dog for years.


Henry can tell you the Ski conditions at this time last year (3DEC2011) were much, much better than this year.  In short we were already skiing the top of Vail Mountain – this time last year…compare that to the fact that VR just got (30NOV2012) their new Gondola running to mid-Vail for Skiers. 


Henry…the ECT is willing to bet…is not worried about the “Fiscal Cliff” as much as he is worried about any Vail Mountain Cliff – with no snow.

How to make it Snow?  Perhaps what’s needed is a visit from Korean singer-songwriter, Psy and some Ute Indians – snow dancing to “Gangnam Style” on top of Vail Mountain – using Henry as Psy’s Canine video Hero.  Oppa!

What does the Farmer’s Almanac have to say about our Weather for the next 2 months? Believe what you will…



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