The Politics of Entitlements

by Clayton Moore

The formerly great Democrat Party in our Country has been supplanted by the socialist left.

From John F. Kennedy’s iconic (1961) Inauguration speech: “Ask NOT what your Country can do for YOU – ask what YOU can DO for your Country”.

Today’s Food Stamp President’s central election message was…vote for me and my ilk…and I’ll give you more free stuff.

Simply put, today’s Government uses the Democrat Party to grow – and in turn the Democrat Party uses the Government to grow – via handing out “free stuff”….Food Stamps, Unemployment Checks, Disability Benefits, Medicaid to the indigent…

Henceforth, the ECT will refer to today’s Democrat Party – to what they are in fact – “Government Party”.

The Presidential Score after November 6th 2012?

Government Party/Democrats:  62,611,250 popular votes (50.6%)

GOP:  59,134,475 popular votes (48.7%)

Government Party’s 2012 fundamental winning election strategy?  Here’s how it worked across the U.S.

Every single large Urban area in the U.S. votes “blue” as a majority – it’s been this way for years – decades – in the case of Chicago and Detroit for example.  The densely populated Urban areas are where the majority of the Government handouts (freebies) take place.


So what’s changed?  Over the last 4 years, Government Party (see map) has been very successful adding States (read: more votes) with large immigrant populations – to the list of those receiving free Government benefits.  Note: Map – Southern California, New Mexico, South Texas, South Florida…

Here’s your proof of how Government Party works to get more votes  (Click Here)

Q.)  If person(s) came into the U.S. illegally, how difficult is it to believe that the same person(s) would be willing to break the law again and register to vote?  Clearly, said person(s) would certainly know “who to vote for” based on the Government (freebies) they and their families were receiving.  Motor-Voter laws and less restrictive “vote by mail” opportunities simply make it easier for (any) individuals – to “game the system” and vote illegally should they be willing to risk this.  Their incentive to take that risk?  To keep the Government Party’s (freebies) coming to them.  How many news stories have you read recently, or ever – where ANY immigrants have be prosecuted for voter fraud?

Below from CNN – (Click Here)


~$44 Million folks now on Food Stamps?  Obama beat Romney by 3.5 Million votes.

Just how many folks living in the U.S. receiving Government Party (freebies) do you believe voted for the candidate – who spoke of creating more Jobs (read: go back to work) – as opposed to more Government Party handouts (including free Government contraceptives)?


According to the U.S. Census Bureau (Click Here) the current population of the U.S. is ~314 Million.

Looking Forward:  Government Party elected officials know full well what they’ve done to gain control of the U.S. Senate and keep the White House.  That is 100% why they refuse to consider any legislative “entitlement reform” that could cut into their cultivated majority (Urban and elsewhere) voter base.

Instead, Government Party insists negotiations with their competing party in Congress be centered exclusively on “raising taxes”.

The simple fact of the matter is…with a U.S. Deficit of ~$16 Trillion (and growing) there simply isn’t enough people to raise taxes on – to shrink the Deficit and slow their rate of Deficit Spending – that Government Party has unquestionably used as a tool to win elections.

The Fiscal Cliff?  If you want to see what the so called Fiscal Cliff looks like – you’ll have to look in “your rearview mirror” – as our Government Party that was driving our Country’s bus – celebrated driving us over that cliff on, Tuesday, November 6th 2012.

Isn’t it time to honestly ask yourself – “just what was it the Democrats claim to have won for you and your children on November 6th?”


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