Weather Wise in Eagle County – NOAA Weather Radio – 162.450Mhz

It’s true.

Some of the folks pictured here – don’t’ know the difference between a Mega-Hertz or a Mega-Pixel.  Fortunately for you, the ECT folks do.


And so does Eagle County’s Emergency Management Director – Barry Smith (pictured 3rd from right).  The special NOAA/NWS Weather Radio that Barry is holding (and cool weather Radios like that) can be purchased from our friends at the Vail Ace Hardware.  ECT thinks that Radio is almost as cool has having your own new ECT 2013 Calendar that works 365 days a year, with no batteries and regardless of what the weather might be!

If you already have a Weather Radio – tune into 162.450Mhz – our Eagle County, Colorado Weather Radio transmits from Castle Peak (north of Eagle) at 300 Watts – 7x24x365 thanks to the year(s) long efforts primarily of Barry Smith.  Good Work Barry.

Photo from left to right –

Sara Fisher

Jim Pringle – (NOAA/NWS office Grand Junction, Colorado)

Ben Moyer – (NOAA/NWS Meteorologist, Grand Junction, Colorado)

Peter Runyon

Barry Smith – Eagle County’s Emergency Management Director


Jon Stavney

Eagle County’s brand new NOAA/NWS Radio Station was dedicated last week by the folks pictured above…


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