Your Taxes are Going Up! Merry Christmas from the Fire District!

by….don’t look now….

The elected Board of the Eagle River Fire Protection District (Jennifer Cartmell-Hays,ERFPD-1 John McCaulley, Darell Wegert, Clark Shivley, Clint Janssen) voted last Thursday (6DEC2012) to raise your Property Taxes.

On November 6th 2012 – 4,507 ERFPD voters said that was OK for that Board to raise your Property Taxes –  3,973 voters said it wasn’t. 53% vs. 47%

Last years 2012 ERFPD, Property Tax Mill Levy was 5.650 this years (2013) Property Tax Mill Levy has been raised (by a vote of the Fire District Board) by 1.903 Mills to a new total of 7.553 Mills that you will find printed on your 2013 Property Tax Bill – U.S. mailed to you by the Eagle County Treasurer (Karen Sheaffer) – this January 2013.

Empty-WalletAll Residential and Commercial Property in these areas of Eagle County (Camp Hale, Tennessee Pass, Redcliff, Minturn, Avon, Eagle-Vail, Mountain Star, Wildridge, Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead, Homestead, Edwards, Lake Creek, Singletree, Pilgrim Downs, Cordillera, Bellyache Ridge, Red Sky Ranch and the portions of I-70, Hwy 6 & 24) communities…will be effected by this immediate 2013 Property Tax increase.  The ECT folks would like to point out the fact that the folks who work at the Daily Fishwrap (who publically supported this property tax increase in print) don’t LIVE in (read: don’t own property in) the ERFPD.  ECT asks folks paying for print advertising to the Fishwrap – to consider this fact when considering paying for your next print Ad…or hiring a ‘Santa’ this Christmas Season.

Thanks to you – it works for them.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your friends at the Eagle River Fire Protection District!



One response

  1. Local Republicans should speak out against today’s letter by Akin in the Daily.

    His letter is not, representative of any Democrats I know. We voted for Obama not so much because we think he’s great, but because we really didn’t like the other choice. It is over the top, to compare us to a group that supported Hitler. Shame on him for writing as much.

    I don’t know one Democrat that signs off on all tax increases.

    One tax increase I could support, though, is a national sales tax such as what Howard Dean is proposing. A tax that everyone pays. And every penny collected from the sales tax goes to pay off the deficit. The money goes nowhere else. A simple web page could be put up showing revenues collected and the deficit being paid down. When the deficit is paid off, the tax goes away.

    I’m also for taxing carbon. Doing so would jump start renewables, energy efficiency and get us off of fossil fuels. It would put money in the pocket of blue collar folks.

    Check out the Data Plant Microsoft is building in Cheyenne Wyoming:

    Renewable energy is ready for prime time.

    I’m also for taxing companies that take jobs oversees. The tax would be used to get manufacturing going in this country. There are millions of unemployed who are good, company people. But as our country has moved towards more of a knowledge based work force, and with the advancements in technology, these folks have been left behind. They are perfectly capable of installing chips in phones or computers, taking over the work being done in Shenzhen right now.

    Apple just announced they’ll start to make some computers here in the USA:

    It’s a good start, but it’s only just a blip. We need much more of this.

    But for this to happen, we’d all have to pay a few more bucks for our beloved iPhones, computers, and other goods. I’m all for it. This country needs to be about “Made in the USA”. Every day that goes by where a factory (albeit energy efficient one) isn’t being built is a year lost. BTW, a few tech entrepreneurs I know are finding success with a marketing message of “our employees are right here in the USA”. People are buying into it.

    In sourcing, is starting to take off.

    The people are in charge. Let companies know you want them to hire Americans. Speak up, yell about it. Boycott. It’ll happen. Complaining about Democrats or Republicans is so nowhere and lame. Move your feet, man.

    BTW, most of the entitlement money in this country goes to deep Red states. Look it up.

    Rogers was right in his last piece.

    Let’s get over calling each down. Avoid those who do. Instead, let’s find common ground to move forward on.

    Fair enough?

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