David Wilhelm – Winner of Cordillera Golf Club Auction – Today!

by    Who’s on First?

Dateline:   Monday, December 10th 2012

At today’s scheduled Federal Bankruptcy Auction (Denver) – the former owner of the Cordillera (David Wilhem – Wilhelm Family Club-At-CordilleraPartnership, et al) Golf Club was the high bidder at today’s auction.

Per the Bankruptcy Attorney this afternoon…


ECT folks were advised today that Wind Rose Properties (apparently David Wilhelm, et al) has till December 28th 2012 to PAY the $14.2 Million bid in order to secure the property and take back Title to the – Cordillera Golf Club – now in Federal Bankruptcy Court in Denver.  Yes, the Wilhelm Family Partnership was the owner of the Cordillera Golf Club before it went into Federal Bankrupcty at the end of June 2012.

David Wilhelm – Wilhelm Family Partnership, declared Bankruptcy (circa June 2012) when he failed to pay the ~$13.2 Million dollar Note he (Partnership) owed local Alpine Bank at the end of June 2012. (Click Here)

The person named as “Rush” (above) is apparently Dr. Jeffery L. Rush – the ECT reported on Dr. Rush’s involvement in February 2012.  The letter from Dr. Rush to the Cordillera Members and Property Owners can be read by (Clicking Here)

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