Eagle County’s Ski Conditions – Improving Quickly

by Peter Parker – Photography

Prayers are being answered.

After an acknowledged slow start to the 2012-2013 Ski season – snow conditions are improving quickly…as evidenced by the Vail photo submitted to the EagleCountyTimes.Com yesterday – Sunday, December 16the 2012.


The National Weather Service – Reporting from Eagle County’s new NOAA/NWS Weather Radio station (WZ2518 – Eagle, Colorado 162.450Mhz) is reporting snow forecast for the next (3) days – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this week.

To listen to that Radio Weather Forecast – streaming 7x24x365 (Click Here)

ECT folks would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends in Sandy Hook, Connecticut – who are having a tough go, this Holiday Season.

Here are a few other photos submitted to the ECT – from this past weekend – 15-16DEC2012.




One response

  1. Yes, it’s getting good.

    Spyder bumps at the Beav were good on Monday.

    I’m off to Snowmass today to make turns with the entitlement crowd, brats, and anorexic women. Great turns around there, real steeps. Too bad there’s so many turkeys. Good thing for the turkeys, ‘tho. None of ’em can make a turn to save their life. So, that leaves the good stuff for yours truly.

    The headphones will be up full blast, so I can tune ’em out. God invented headphones, so I can tune out the turkeys.

    I’m at Vail on Friday. I hear Gangee is good. I’m so there.

    Take a break from belly aching and go getcha some. It’s good for the soul. Or is it sole?

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