Merry Christmas Vail – From AT&T!!

by  the fans of Alexander Graham Bell

The Mayan’s had it all wrong today.

Today, the shortest daylight day of the year (21DEC2012) was the official day that AT&T offered their new 4G LTE cell phone service in Vail, Colorado.

Yes, it’s working now in Vail proper and along both North and South Frontage Roads in Vail.  So, Merry Christmas, Vail Colorado from AT&T and their subcontractor WesTower Communications.


Why do I care?

Well the newer 4G LTE cellphone technology allows SmartPhones (with the 4G LTE chipset in them iPhone 5 or later) to run at nearly WiFi speeds, while you’re just walking down the street.  Walking along the street in Vail… you can now get your EMail, Audio Streaming, Streaming Videos and general Web browsing at almost WiFi speeds.  It’s quick.  Uploading the day’s Ski Photos from your SmartPhone to your (Facebook?) page is much quicker now too, which you can do from your favorite Happy Hour spot with no WiFi needed.

No official word (yet) on Verizon’s 4G LTE offering in Vail.  Contact the ECT if you know more…

Once you head west past Dowd Junction you’re back to the old 4G connection from your SmartPhone and iPad.  Beaver Creek and down below Avon are also still on the older 4G cell phone service.

The ECT folks told you could expect AT&T’s 4G LTE service before Christmas (Click Here) and of course – the ECT was right!

Special thanks also to AT&T subcontractor – (WesTower Communications) who did Vail’s infrastructure build out for AT&T.  WesTower has been at this 4G LTE buildout since before Halloween 2012.

Obviously WesTower’s plan was to wait till they could ‘light-up’ several (all?) of Vail’s AT&T cell phone towers, rather than light them up, one Cell Tower at a time…


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