Cordillera’s Cookie Drive – for the Kids of Newtown, CT.

by     the fans of the Cordillera Cookie Club, LLC.

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Monday, 24 December 2012



Forwarded message from Lainie Edinburg, Joel Kaye, & Anne Roberts to Cordillera Community Members

Dear Cordillera Friends & Neighbors,

We are so sad about the tragic shootings of the 20 children and 7 adults in Newtown, Connecticut. We have been talking about what we could do, especially since Anne lived in Newtown for many years.

Late yesterday afternoon, Lainie was reading about a man in California who paid for coffee and doughnuts at the Newtown General Store all day yesterday. We decided to organize donating Cookies for Newtown Kids from Cordillera, Colorado the first week the kids go back to school in January.

Lainie called the General Manager of the Newtown General Store and talked with him about what we as a community could do just for the children. He thought the cookies for the kids was a great idea when they go back to school in January. In addition, Anne has connected with some old friends in the town and they loved the idea of Cookies for Kids.

The General Store has been on the main road into Newtown since 1847. Everyone from Newtown goes in for coffee and chitchat so we thought this would be a perfect spot for our cookies for the kids.

We decided to reach out to all of you for a donation in any amount you want, with suggested amounts of $25 – $100. Please make checks payable to the Newtown General Store. Please, NO cash! We will collect your checks and send them via priority mail to the little country store.

Please get us your checks by mailing to us, dropping off at the Divide Gate or you can just give them to us. Please call 970-926-1177 or email us at or if you have any questions or suggestions.

Many thanks for your generosity! We feel better already knowing that we are doing something for these children whose lives must go on after this horrible tragedy.

Many thanks for your support & donations!

Lainie, Joel, & Anne

Mailing address: PO Box 2741, Edwards, CO 81632

610 Andorra Road, Cordillera, CO 81632


© 2012 Cordillera Metropolitan District | 970-926-1923


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