Alien Grooming – Discovered in Vail’s – Back Bowls

by  the fans of Eagle County’s own – Bob Fisk and Otto Weist

It was bound to happen.

Just when you thought you had read all there was to complain about the Grooming of Ski Runs at Vail this season – the Space Aliens obviously showed up this past weekend – and left their mark on this seasons rock laden corduroy.  Who says these strange Alien patterns only show up in an English corn field?


Our community’s own Prussian pontificator – Otto Weist – notified the world via his recent letter in the Daily Fishwrap…that if the ski runs in Colorado’s central Rockies – just had a few less rocks – Dr. Randy Viola would have a little less work on Otto’s hand and wrist, in surgery!  ECT folks have ofDr-Randy-Viola course skied at Vail with Dr. Viola (photo) and can vouch for Dr. Viola’s skill with his skis n’ poles while Otto can ‘hand it to’ Dr. Viola’s skill with a scalpel near a wrist.  Not withstanding Dr. Viola’s chapeau, of course.

Meanwhile…back at Vail Mountain Operations – Chris Jarnot was busy recently playing more defense than Ray Lewis in a felony trial…trying to defend/explain/convince everyone that would listen…that his team of Vail Mountain snow groomers are the best in the business.

What the ECT folks know is…that snow grooming works best – when you have some snow to groom.  Over the years the ECT folks have noticed more snow grooming going on in Vail during January, than July…yeah…the photo below from the bottom of Vail’s China Bowl…before last weeks big snow storm.


Considering the photo above…how many Rocks do you think Otto Weist would recommend to VR’s Chris Jarnot…that should be removed?  Just asking.

Otto, perhaps what’s needed is a second (rock removal) opinion from Mr. George Gillette…Grass seed anyone?

In any event…the experienced skiers at the ECT know…when the snow gets thin…you take it easy.  When the corduroy comes back you can step it up a bit, Otto.  Otto, are you sure you didn’t bump your head – during that fall…or just a victim of another Alien Abduction?  Better check with Bob Fisk, Otto.



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