2013 Eagle County Real Estate Sales – Being Hurt by Colorado Politics?

by  Clayton Moore

It’s time to ask the question Eagle County Realtors…

All points considered – are our local Real Estate sales being hurt by the current state of Colorado’s Politics?

Land Title’s (Trevor Theelke’s) Real Estate report (Click Here) for the first month of 2013 shows that only 28% of Eagle County’s Real Estate sales – were folks living (read: bringing in money) from outside of Eagle County.

Granted:  One month’s stats does not necessarily constitute a new market trend.

Consider:  Most folks who join organizations in their Community (Rotary, Lions, Foundations, Habitat for Humanity etc.) – look for other “like minded folks” interested in working on topics of mutual interest.  Fact is:  for people joining Community organizations – like minded folks tend to attract and keep other like minded folks.  Arguably, wealthy Real Estate investors (and everyone else the ECT will argue) would invest in a Community they would be comfortable living in…

Which brings us to Colorado’s recent and well-publicized political climate.

– Coloradans can now get ‘legal’ access to the so called ‘medical marijuana’ thanks to our very liberal State Legislature.  The vast majority of other States – don’t have legal access to any ‘medical marijuana’.

–  Most States (not all) have a more balanced State legislature – Colorado has a State House, Senate and Governor – all run by liberal Democrats.

–  Most States have not passed (nor seem to be interested) in passing new laws that restrict your Rights – provided to all law abiding citizens by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  Colorado (our State Legislature) sees things differently.

– The approximate Gay Population in the United States is about 3.4% (Click Here).  The current Speaker in Colorado’s State House is Mark Ferrandino (D) an openly Gay individual.  Included in Speaker Ferrandino’s recent legislative “achievements” is killing a Bill that would have brought the discussion of the so called “Jessica’s Law’” to the State House floor for DEBATEJessica’s Law – has been adopted by 44 U.S. States as of this writing.  More States are expected to adopt that law.  Jessica’s Law – is designed to protect our children from Sexual Predators and reduce a Predators chance to reoffend.


– Eagle County (local politics)  – The Town of Vail was Sued last year in District Court because wealthy homeowners (the Plaintiff’s) private property near the 18th green of the Vail Golf course believe that the TOV is violating the original legal covenants dictating specific uses for the Golf Course land (and clubhouse) that the Golf Course currently occupies.  Knowing this…how might a prospective Real Estate investor feel about the TOV’s respect for Private Property Rights?  That 2012 lawsuit continues today.

– Eagle County (property taxes)  November 2012 – a majority of voters in the Eagle River Fire Protection District foolishly approved a permanent property tax increase – the majority voters it seems unable, to comprehend that a permanent tax increase DOESN’T GUARENTEE any better fire protection.  A clear victory of “hope” vs. “clear thinking” voters in an otherwise… very liberal electorate.

–  Eagle County (more property tax increases ahead?)  Some Eagle County voters were very recently polled by (EFEC’s Survey – click to take survey) – Educational Foundation of Eagle County – to determine the likelihood that our Eagle County Public School District could get another permanent Property Tax increase passed in November 2013…

The Good News:  ECT folks continue to believe that Eagle County’s current Real Estate market is better – than the one in Cyprus today, notwithstanding Cyprus’s recently overburdened ATM machines…

ECT’s Point:   There are other locations (Western States) for wealthy (2nd home owners? et al) to invest their hard earned dollars.  Folks don’t buy into a neighborhood they’re not comfortable with, now do they?  Know anybody buying their 2nd home in inner city Detroit?

The ECT folks aren’t comfortable with the direction of Eagle County’s Real Estate nor our individual Eagle County Real Estate values – looking ahead.  The ECT doesn’t believe that “the sky is falling” however our photo below from last summer in Eagle County – pretty much sums up our current view of what’s ahead in County Real Estate sales and overall Property values affecting all of us…


One response

  1. Its a cumulative total. One by one…each nail…seals the coffin.

    I can tell you CO making the national news has not cast a good light over our state. Your picture is a good representation. of the State of Colorado today.

    I hear from my out of state smart friends. We are not what they seek any longer. Many are saying please move to my state of _____ .

    Never heard that before, not for decades-until now that is…

    I always heard “you are so lucky to live in Colorado” – but not any longer folks.

    Maybe that’s why we Eagle County taxpayers have to seriously pay a business to do business here? (half million to woo summer flights from Texas this summer-)

    Not good.

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