From the Street

by Clayton Moore

They want more of your hard earned money…

Empty-WalletThe way things look today (April 2013) it seems likely that the Democrat controlled Colorado State House and Governors Office will have a Ballot question this November 2013 – a proposal to increase your State-wide Taxes – for the purposes of further funding Public Education in Colorado…We’ll see.

What we don’t know today – will our own Eagle County Public School District have their own ADDITIONAL Ballot Question (November 2013) to increase Eagle County Property Taxes, IN ADDITION to the increase being proposed by the State of Colorado?

What we do know…local Eagle County based non-profit EFEC (Educational Foundation of Eagle County) has a recent online Survey (Click Here) – asking folks (among other things) of the likely hood that they would support a proposed property tax increase.  EFEC told the ECT last week that they (EFEC) intend to present our elected School Board with the results of their online survey at the public School Board meeting in the near future.

The ECT looks forward to presenting our readership with those documented results.

Meanwhile from last week –  the Executive Director of the “Vail Valley Partnership” contacted the ECT recently about the ECT’s report (Click Here) questioning the number of Jobs that our Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) actually produces.

For the Record:  The ECT agrees with Mr. Romer’s point that EGE does help our local Economy…it’s to what degree that it helps (read: Jobs Created)…is what the ECT folks were (and are) questioning…Mr. Romer’s ad in the Daily Fishwrap claims “upwards of 10,000 jobs”.  We don’t think so.

Mr. Romer pointed to a 5 year old (completed 2008) state wide CDOT (Division of Aeronautics) study (Click Here) to support his number.  So the ECT reviewed that study…only to find their beginning numbers (of which all conclusion are based) are indeed based on “estimates”.

From Page 2 – Paragraph 4 (Executive Summary)


ECT FACTOID:  The word “Estimate” was used 37 times in the first 15 pages of this 2008 Study.  ECT counted them.

Final Note:  The ECT “estimates” that Mr. Romer’s claim 10,000 local jobs created by the existence of our local Airport – to be off by more than “one Standard Deviation of the Mean”…  Indeed.


One response

  1. How can one use a really old economic study, ( the 2008 study titled “ECONOMIC IMPACT OF AIRPORTS”) from five years ago to show current estimates, funding and jobs? Seriously?

    * That would be like a mortgage company writing a new Eagle County home buyer’s mortgage based on that homes accessed value- from five years ago that is!

    * That would be like buying a ounce of gold based on New York Spot Gold: in 2008 that is !!!!
    March 7, 2008 —-> $972.40
    March 8, 2013 –> $1,579.20

    And finally-10,000 jobs would mean employment of almost a full 1/5th of our entire Eagle County population-including infants and children. Census Bureau population estimates of 51,874 EC residents are for 2012. (And btw-Eagle County’s population is at Negative growth level of -0.6%, from 2010 to 2012 per the Census)

    * For New York Spot Gold (2007 to Present)

    * For Census Bureau, Eagle County Colo;

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