Global Warming? Not if you ask our local Narcissus Pseudonarcissus!

by wild Daffodil fans

In the context of Global Warming (‘er…Climate Change, right) what can be shown here in Eagle County?

Well how about a photo comparison of last year (2012) vs. this year (2013)?


Meanwhile on Sunday, April 7th 2013….with more Snow in the Eagle County forecast for Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday the 9th, 2013.


These photos taken in on the valley floor in Avon, easy walking distance from the so-called Walking Mountains Science School.

Global Warming?  ECT doesn’t think so…and it seems our camera doesn’t think so either!  In any event we’ll take the additional moisture Mother Nature is providing us currently!  Happy Spring time in the Rockies!


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  1. Thanks for the mention EC Times. Beginning June 17th we are extending hours at Walking Mountains Science Center. We’ll be open daily from 9am to 5pm with free admission to the exhibit hall. Our fantastic summer community programs line-up takes off around the same time frame so be sure to come on out for some fun in nature! In the meantime we are open from Monday to Saturday from 10-6 and will be running daily nature walks through 4/26 and continued preschool programs through 5/17. The Science Behind series of classes and the Eagle Valley Astronomical Society continue throughout the year on their regular monthly schedules. Happy Spring!

    • Good. ECT folks attended a free lecture over at the Aspen Physics Center last month.
      Topic? Tthe update on the Higgs Boson (actually the Higgs field) if you attended the talk.
      Dr. Matthew Strassler (Rutgers University) gave the talk. Prof. Strassler also works with CERN, so he had all the latest information on the Higgs…
      ECT folks would love to see more PHYSICAL SCIENCES represented here in Eagle County.

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