Global Cooling? Earth Day 2013 – Vail, Colorado

by   the ECT pays attention, do you?

Dateline:  Monday, April 22nd 2013 – the so called “Earth Day”

Location:  Vail, Colorado

Question:  Does this look like the so called “Global Warming Trend” to you?


FACTOID:  One year’s evidence does not – a trend make.

What about last years evidence?  OK, here it is.


The ECT folks still run into folks from time to time that believe in the myth of “Global Warming”.  Some Scientists have been caught promoting falsified data, (Click Here) that supports their “Global Warming” agenda (that’s how some make their living…by the way).

April 2013:  Denver Weather sets record low temperature (Click Here)

Our agenda here at the ECT is to supply evidence and let our readers draw their own conclusions.  By the way the ECT folks don’t believe in…witches, voodoo, leprechauns, vampires, warlocks nor little green men…er…(little green persons) we suppose we should say…

Here are a few more photos from Vail sans…Earth Day 2012 vs. Earth Day 2013.  Note the dates on the ECT photos, please.


6 responses

  1. Right on Kemosabe! Can’t see out my window here in Denver because of the “global cooling” snow;-) uh oh! Keep up the great work! Sluggo

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  2. Vampires are real — the sole purpose of their existence is to suck the life blood out of people. Most of these creatures enter politics where they can suck the blood out of entire economies, leaving a wake of destruction and misery in their paths, like Zombies:

  3. Formula for Destruction (from the same people who said the Exxon Valdez oil spill was a supreme affront to nature):

    Take one global warming hoax, add in millions of dead pine beetle kill trees in mountain areas (replace with statistics-based drought fraud elsewhere), then multiply by arson and fanaticism to get “an act of God” for which no sociopath socialist can be blamed.

    Don’t look now, but it’s happening all around the West.

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