Waste, Fraud and Abuse continues – Eagle County’s Open Space Program

by ECT reporter – Ben Dover – Taxpayer…this abuse report brought to you by – Eagle County’s “one political party” rule

The Waste:   Eagle County’s total geography is over 75% “open space” today.  News Flash:  Lack of open space is not Eagle County’s #1 problem today.  Why do the Eagle County Commissioners insist on spending millions more of your Tax Dollars on Open Space?  Below a recent letter printed in the Daily Fishwrap.


The Fraud:   Committed recently by the combined inaccurate reporting efforts of the Town of Avon and Eagle County’s Open Space Director – Toby Sprunk.

Note:  last bullet point below.


FACTOID:  The 86 acres referenced above (by Sprunk and the TOA) is not, nor was ever was part of “the Avon Village parcel”.  A quick email to contact the principals at Traer Creek (the owners of the land known as the Village at Avon) – confirmed (see below) that the land referenced here in the above press release belonged to the Forest Service, not the “Avon Village Parcel” as described in the above press release.


This kind of (above) reporting by Open Space Director Toby Sprunk begs the obvious question – what else in this press release has Director Spunk also got wrong?

The Abuse:  To all the Public School, teachers and administrators, district pensioners, bus drivers, Moms and Dads with children in our Public School system, the ECT folks ask:  What is YOUR priority for how Eagle County spends your Tax Dollars?

The ECT asks – Open Space in a County already over 75% open space – or your child’s Public School education?  Isn’t it about (past due) time to repeal the County’s Open Space Tax?


No, the ECT folks weren’t invited to their “gathering to celebrate” (above) nor would we be motivated to attend even if the ECT was.

It seems there is no shortage of Dummies who voted to support this open space agenda in Eagle County last November 2012.  Let’s hope YOUR child is in a local well funded, private school.

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2 responses

  1. The open space (it’s more like open season on taxpayers) measure passed by less than 350 votes and only after “provisional” ballots were counted a couple weeks after the election under the supervision of then-Eagle County clerk Sara Fischer, whose only recent election was questionable and who helped (either deliberately or otherwise) to elect the goofball Marxist Menconi (by 37 votes) when the inactive voter rolls failed to reach some precincts.

    Most of the yes votes that passed the open space measure came from the dark side of Eagle County, in Basalt, which I call “Aspen North.” Go figure.

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