Eagle County Sheriff – Joe Hoy – M.I.A.

By    the Daily Fishwrap won’t tell you – however the ECT will

54 Elected Sheriff’s all across Colorado – signed on to the lawsuit – filed in Federal District Court (Denver) last week, to protect our U.S. Constitution and in particular – to protect Your Rights as provided to you by the 2nd Amendment.hoy-10apr2010

Eagle County Sheriff – Joe Hoy’s name IS NOT on the list of Plaintiff’s (54 Sheriff’s) who signed on to this new Colorado Lawsuit (Click Here) for a PDF copy of that Lawsuit.  For the record there are a total of 64 Counties in Colorado (Click Here)  – that makes 84% of those elected Sheriff’s ready to defend your Rights.

Except our Sheriff Joe.

Side Note:  Summit County Sheriff (John Minor) – Garfield County Sheriff (Lou Vallario) DID SIGN on to the Lawsuit to protect your Rights.

Colorado Lawsuit Filed in Federal District Court – week of May 13 2013

54 Colorado (elected) Sheriff’s sign on to the Federal Lawsuit to protect your Bill of Rights!

Long time ECT readers are aware that Sheriff Hoy has never been our favorite Eagle County Sheriff.  Other notable items when reviewing Sheriff Hoy’s record…shows that our Sheriff Hoy was also (MIA) when it came to the issue of recommending to the Eagle County Commissioners (not to violate Federal Drug Law) Sheriff Hoy was no where to be found.  Your Eagle County Commissioners went onto violate Federal Drug Laws – when they voted to allow the so called “Medical Marijuana Dispensaries” to operate here in Eagle County.  (Click Here) for your documented proof.

Frankly, the ECT folks don’t know what Sheriff Hoy actually “stands for” – unless it is to avoid any public controversy – while constantly promoting a larger budget for his Eagle County Police force.

Keep in mind Eagle County drivers – to always keep you seat belt fastened, come to a complete stop at local Stop Signs and never ever, drink and drive.

Ever wonder why the people who work for the Daily Fishwrap – won’t tell you these facts?


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