Isosceles in the Ecliptic

by  Keep Looking Up!

Don’t worry – you’ll get another chance tonight (27MAY2013) if our skies remain clear!

The ECT folks call it the “Isosceles in the Ecliptic” for lack of a more descriptive term.  Others refer to it as the ‘Dance of the Planets’.

In a rare planetary formation at dusk last night (Northwest Sky) – Jupiter (left), Venus (bottom) and Mercury (top right) put on a show rarely seen in our summer sky.  For more information on this evenings show (Click Here)

Ever wonder why the folks who work at the Daily Fishwrap and our so called  local “Science School” in Avon, CMC (et al)…all see to be “asleep at the Science Switch” when it comes to events like this?

Tip – ECT recommends a tripod…in this low light it’s tough to hold the camera steady for a long exposure.  Hopefully more clear skies tonight!  Just click on the photos to enlarge them.



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