Open Space vs. Confused Local Moms!

by –  The ECT tried to reach these Moms – during November 2012 County Commissioner Election

The ECT folks are making a point of keeping a copy of letters from local Moms that have THEIR children in local Public Schools…  Strangely when (November 2012) these same Moms could choose (did they?) to vote for County Commissioner Candidates – willing to put the REPEAL of the County’s Open Space Tax on Ballot – deafening silence was the response from some local Moms that support EFEC…

The Commissioner candidates that won that election (those that refused to repeal the County’s Open Space Tax) demonstrated just where Eagle County’s Funding Priorities are.


CURIOUS FACTOID:  Ms. Jeanne McQueeney is the President of your elected Public School Board.  So?  Mr. Henry McQueeney is listed as the current Principal of Red Hill Elementary…(read above)

Red Hill Elementary School

100 Grundel Way, Gypsum POB 1009, Gypsum, CO 81637

970-328-8970 970-524-7374

Henry McQueeney, Principal,

Here is another recent letter printed in the Daily Fishwrap – from a local Mom who also just doesn’t seem to understand just where Eagle County’s PRORITIES are for her Property Tax dollars!  (Click Here)

Just what is it about local Moms (with their children in Public Schools) – that don’t seem to understand that the special interests (their Jobs) of the employees of “the Eagle Valley Land Trust” TRUMP the interests of their children’s Public School Education?


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