Singletree’s Roof Goof – Number 2

by Clayton Moore  (the Fishwrap won’t tell you however – the ECT will)

You’d think after SingleTree’s “Roof Goof Part 1 (Click Here) their (community associations?) that are suppose to be (serving? protecting?) the interests of SingleTree Property Owners…well you’d think you’d hear about this new Roof – before it was approved…


Here is a recent photo from Roof Goof number 2 – as seen from the Property Owners homes in Singletree.  The ECT would like to congratulate all Singletree “Open Space” proponents for this new special “Open View” also overwhelmingly admired when driving I-70 (east or west bound in Edwards).

Perhaps the ECT should conduct a poll to determine which Roof Goof is more esthetically pleasing to Singletree Property Owners?  WECMRD’s original Rec Roof Goof #1 vs. the Eagle County Charter Academy’s Roof Goof #2!


History? – Below is the original view from Singletree’s first Community Roof Goof!  Courtesy of WECMRD (the applicant) and Eagle County’s Planning Commission.


Indeed – How could something like Roof Goof #2 happen to Singletree for a second time in less than two years?

For that answer we need to look to some of the Community organizations “representing the interests” of SingleTree Property Owners.  Ready? Set!  Here we go!

SPOA – SingleTree Property Owners Association (dues collecting)

BCMD – Berry Creek Metro District (Edwards)

ECCA – Eagle County Charter Academy (Roof Goof #2 petitioners?)

Eagle County’s Planning Commission (the original design approvers?  for both Roof’s!)

B0CC – Eagle County Board of County Commissioners (the final approvers?)

FACTOID:  Ms. Pat Hammon is the Chairman of the EC Planning Commission – and is ALSO the Chairman of today’s Committee assigned to pick your next Eagle County Commissioner – to replace departing Commissioner Jon Stavney (D).  By Law the new Commissioner will also be a Democrat.  No doubt, another Democrat dedicated to the coordinated efficiency of “Big Accountable Government” harmoniously working in tandem to protect – Taxpaying Private Property Owners.

What could possibly go wrong?

Now Comes – the amusing part of SingleTree’s – Roof Goof #2

Turns out – one of the Commissioner Candidate applicants – to Ms. Hammon’s  “we pick the next Commissioner” group…is none other than one of SingleTree’s most view affected RG#2 property owners!  Here is a backyard photo of Roof Goof #2’s view near this Candidates – SingleTree residence!


So what’s so funny about that, ECT?

Well this effected ‘would be Commissioner Candidate’ living along the Golf Course in Singletree is…

A.)  A local Juris Doctor (that’s a lawyer for those educated in Public Schools)

B.)  Fishwrap Columnist (Vail Law)

C.)  Current Radio Talk show host for local KZYR’s “Community Focus”

D.)  All of the above

If you guessed “D” you’d be correct!  Turns out this Candidate didn’t seem to know any more about “what was being approved” – “while it was being approved” than his SingleTree neighbors…else why haven’t we read/heard something about this during this historical (month’s long?) Roof  Goof #2 approval process?  Was this approval process ever (legally?) held up?  Slowed down?  Effected Property Owners notified in writing (U.S. Mail) of the Board meetings approving this?  Nope.  There’s obviously better awareness coming out of the Whitehouse these days – than in Eagle County.

KZYR’s Community Focus Radio program?  Seems more like “Community Blinders” if you ask the ECT folks.  Seriously, just who calls into this Radio Program?  Second homeowners who live in Afghanistan?

What’s to be expected next?  In all likelihood the ECT believes this long time SingleTree homeowner Commissioner Candidate (A through D above) – will be the top pick of Ms. Hammon’s next Democrat Eagle County Commissioner selection board – based on a proven record of unquestionable Community Service and heighten neighborhood awareness.  Sheesh!

And you thought this kind of Government only goes on in Washington, D.C these days?


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