You too can help protect – Vail’s Golf Course!

by  fans of the 18th Hole

OK.  The ECT will tell you what others (the Fishwrap) – flat won’t.  There’s a recent online Petition available – where you can sign – and help protect the 18th Hole of Vail’s Golf Course.

(Click Here) to go to that Petition and sign in to endorse protecting Vail’s Golf Course.


What else you need to know….the recent Vote was 4-3 on Vail Town Council to continue the Town of Vail’s plan to change the 18th Hole – this plan and its Vail Town Council’s (recent and earlier) approval – sparked the original Lawsuit by the effected Vail Golf Course homeowners that continues to be litigated today in Eagle County District Court.

FACTOID:    Vail Voters have a chance this November 2013 to do a “little house cleaning” on their Vail Town Council.  Turns out (4) seats are up for election this November.  That’s 4 seats out of the available 7 by the way…

Interested Golf Parties?  While yes…some of you may not be eligible to Vote in Vail this November – YOU CAN LEGALLY contribute to the Candidates running – that are dedicated to protecting the interests of the FOLKS WHO VOTED THEM INTO OFFICE in the first place!

Stay Tuned – ECT readers this election battle is just getting started.



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