ECT is Asking You! Leave us a Comment

by Clayton Moore

The ECT wants to know – so we’re asking our Readership.

Topic:  The selection of the next Eagle County Commissioner – to fill the vacancy left (3 and a half years by the way) by departing Commissioner – Jon Stavney.

Q:  What Skill sets do the remaining Commissioners (Jill Ryan & Sarah Fisher) have?

Q:  What Skill set (demonstrated by the Candidates – Kathy Chandler-Henry, Donald McMahan, Adam Palmer, Paul Witt or Rohn Robbins ) would be best suited to serve the interests of the citizens of Eagle County?

Indeed, what skill sets do these Commissioner candidates  have…

Our remaining County Commissioners….Jill Ryan has experience as a young Mother.  Sara Fisher is a creature of County Government having served for years – as the County Clerk – that over saw the election that brought us Arn Menconi as County Commissioner before becoming a Commissioner herself.

Any Private Sector experience here candidates?  Job Creators?  How about folks who have worked to lower Taxes for Eagle County’s working families?

Well Commissioner Candidates here’s your chance to “toot your own horn”.  And thanks to the      EagleCountyTimes.Com     won’t cost you a dime!

All are welcome to leave a civil comment here at the ECT – anonymous or not – ECT doesn’t care – just keep it civil.  -CM


One response

  1. Eagle County Commissioners? They are the experts of wasting millions of taxpayer money. The County Courthouse? Millions on open space. These folks are a joke.

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