Education $0.00 vs. $5.3 Million for Open Space

by –  What’s your priority?

Dateline:  Thursday, June 6th 2013

Public School Education in Eagle County just took another $5.3Million dollar “hit” again – with the miss-appropriation of millions more of Eagle County’s Property Taxes.

To the Moms and Dads that have their kids in Public School – the ECT asks – what’s your priority?

Consider:  the recent purchase of so called Open Space – the Avon Preserve.


FACTOID:  Was this land between Avon and Singletree under threat of job creating Development?  No.  Are local Mom’s complaining about over-crowding in Public Schools located in Gypsum?  Yes.  (Click Here)

FACTOID:  This parcel could have been protected into perpetuity – simply by changing the Zoning for the land in Avon and Eagle County – at ZERO COST to the Taxpayer.  Just a simple vote from the elected officials.  Not surprisingly our genius elected leadership has NOT been unable to figure this one out.

FACTOID:  It comes as no surprise that Avon’s Mayor – Rich Carroll has “praised” this wasteful purchase at the recent public ceremony (that virtually no Eagle County Taxpayers attended)  This Mayor is the one who still hasn’t been able to end Avon’s 5+ year lawsuit with – Developer Traer Creek – at a cost to the Avon Taxpayer approaching $3Million in legal fees.  And what has Avon’s Taxpayer gotten for their Millions.  Nothing.  It’s little wonder that this Avon elected genius – has no problem wasting money.  Carroll made a political career out of it.



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