Nanny State – On the Move

by  StopBigBrother.Org

Dateline:  Eagle County, Colorado – today

Know anybody here that has been recently stopped by local law enforcement and ticketed for…

Seat Belts?  Failure to come to a complete Stop at a local Stop sign? Tail Light? Handicap parking space?

The reality of these tickets in our local “Nanny State” is it generates revenue.

Here is what some folks in  Iowa City, Iowa (they’re obviously smarter than folks in Eagle County) are doing about the next move of the Nanny State:


For the entire article (Click Here)

The Gist:  Iowa City, Iowa (City Council) is moving to ban not only drones, but also red light cameras and license plate recognition systems. Turns out is a group of Iowa City residents opposed to the growing use of “revenue extracting” surveillance technology.

Public Service – ECT style.  Just who around here monitors our Police Force?  Well thanks to the ECT –  you can – and it’s free thanks to the ECT.  The live 7x24x365 Eagle County Law Enforcement Radio Traffic is available for you to listen on the ECT web site.  Just click on the graphic below to listen.


On any given “work day” between 6-9AM, the ECT believes you’ll be surprised at the number of “citation issued” Police Radio calls in the morning.

This isn’t about “law enforcement” per se – it’s about revenue extraction – when working folks are just trying to get to work.  And it’s getting worse as of late…  If you can’t figure this out based on the graphic below –then sorry – the ECT can’t help you…



3 responses

  1. Well your “nanny state” has protected and saved thousands of lives by wearing seatbelts. This only happens through enforcement and regulation. Sorry you have no clue yet again on the reality of the world.

    • 10-1 the comment here written by someone who works for local law enforcement. Some see call these chicken-poop tickets as a way to secure their job in law enforcement. Any chance we can extradite him/her to North Korea? They’d no doubt love it. Government there is in charge of everything.

  2. Yesterday-
    Boulder Police: Officers routinely enter unsecured homes, practice not likely to stop

    BOULDER, Colo. – Boulder police say they have a right to enter unsecured homes if residents leave an open door.

    Boulder police Sgt. Michael Everett tells the Boulder Daily Camera entering unsecured residences is a standard procedure for most law enforcement agencies, including Boulder police. He says the practice is not likely to stop …

    Boulder police officials told The Camera officers can enter a home that is closed and even locked if they have a “reasonable suspicion that something was amiss…

    Read more :

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