Obama? Open and Transparent as the NSA

by   actually we use to work at Ft. Meade…

Just pick any Obama Administration Scandal – and ask yourself how much you really know about “just what happened” because the Obama Administration has disclosed it to you.

– The murder of Americans in Benghazi, Libya – why did this happen to a U.S. Ambassador?  (how many months has it been?)

– The NSA now (electronic spying?) on Americans?  How much? To what extent?  How long has this been going on?  Perhaps we should ask Mr. Orwell…

– The IRS targeting Conservative non-profits and individuals.  Lois Lerner (ran the IRS section on non-profits) insisted “she did nothing illegal” then took the 5th Amendment in front of a Congressional hearing.

– The “top cop” of the U.S. – Attorney General Eric Holder, lying and misleading Congress with his self proclaimed “I didn’t know” defense.

– Obama promoting – Ambassador Susan Rice (now National Security Adviser – thanks to Obama) after she lied to the American people on the Sunday Talk shows – trying to convince Americans of the false cause of the Benghazi terror attack that killed Americans in Libya – just a couple of months before the November 2012 election…

Which brings us to a genius local weekly Fishwrap columnist – who is obviously more concerned with the opinion one Fox News commentator – than what is going on in his own Country – and who is responsible for these Scandals…Obviously we have our own Obama drone, here at home, in the pages of the Daily Fishwrap!

Below is a brief video on the list of the current Obama Administration Scandals – and how much – we just don’t know – because of the Administrations stonewalling.

Obama Administration– Open and Transparent as the NSA



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