On the Move – Against Big Government

by    Jenny Beth Martin    (ECT reprint)

The time has come for men and women of integrity, with an unwavering commitment to freedom and the Constitution in their hearts, to come together once again, en masse, to show the ruling class in DC that their long train of abuses has come to an end.

Join Tea Party Patriots and many others for an Audit the IRS rally on the west lawn of the Capitol in Washington, DC on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at high noon.Gadsden-Reverse-2

The members of the ruling class, from both parties, are outing themselves in the wake of scandal after scandal, as they seek to do damage control and circle the wagons around each other. That foul stench emanating from Washington, DC is the fear they have of losing their power. For four years, the tea party movement has been sounding the alarm that big government is out of control in every way, in every department, in every agency, in every branch of government, and in every party.

Which scandal gets under your skin the most?

Is it Fast and Furious? Is it Benghazi? What about the State Department covering up misconduct and halting investigations? The NSA spying on innocent Americans.

What about the IRS targeting, discriminating against, and oppressing the speech of conservative and tea party groups? Or perhaps the IRS illegally leaking confidential donor information of conservative groups to their political opponents? Or maybe it’s the fact that the IRS spent $50 million in two years on conferences, parties, and really awful parody videos for their employees? Could it be the IRS stealing millions of private medical records? Or was it when the federal government asked American citizens for the content of their prayers.

Is it knowing that Obamacare enforcement will be administered by same IRS that systematically oppressed Big Government’s political opponents, with the same woman in charge? Maybe it’s that Congress is trying to exempt themselves from Obamacare while forcing the American people to suffer under it, without choice and without recourse.

Are you incensed about the 1000% increase in FBI records requests under the PATRIOT Act in the last four years? What about Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius using her position of power to shake down private insurance companies to extort them into donating to a pro-Obamacare nonprofit.

Is it the hundreds of HHS employees gaining early access to a Medicare decision worth billions of dollars to private insurance companies? Or maybe it’s the Congressional insider trading and the news that Congress and President Obama quietly gutted the provisions that would make it harder for them to use their access to information to make millions in the stock market.

Wait, is it the DOJ illegally seizing Associated Press phone records and FOX News reporter James Rosen’s phone records, email, movements, and more? Or was it when Attorney General Eric Holder possibly committed perjury in front of Congress? Maybe it was when Director of Intelligence James Clapper also possibly committed perjury in front of Congress.

Hold on, was it when you found out that the Department of Homeland Security stopped doing background checks after President Obama unconstitutionally changed our immigration laws with a simple executive order.

Perhaps it was the four ongoing scandals at the EPA–1) The EPA giving an ethics award to a fake employee that was invented so that EPA head Lisa Jackson could avoid transparency and FOIA laws? 2) The EPA making conservative groups pay FOIA fees over 90% of the time while waiving the fees for liberal groups over 90% of the time? 3) EPA employees creating swanky personal rec rooms at the office with taxpayer money and hiding them from the building cameras by stacking boxes all around the room? 4) The EPA leaking confidential and personal information about farmers and cattle facilities to environmentalist groups.

What about the nepotism at the Department of Energy.


And those are just some of the ones we know about.

If that’s not enough to get people out of the house and into the streets, what else will it take? What other sort of abuses are you willing to take.

If you are fed up, visit www.AUDITtheIRS.org and join other freedom loving Americans, to take a stand on June 19th for your rights and for the natural, human desire to be free.



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