Fishwrap wont tell – the ECT will

by   history was made in Colorado last week  (photo credit – Colorado Springs Gazette)

It’s True.

Last week Colorado saw the first election RECALL of a politician currently serving in the Colorado State House.  (Click Here)

His name is John Morse, he’s a Democrat, and the Majority Leader in the Senate at our Colorado State House.  His Senate district includes El Paso County (Colorado Springs).

This first ever RECALL at the State House was certified by Colorado Secretary of State – Scott Gessler – after his office validated the number of petition signatures legallySen. John Morse (Dem.) of Colorado Springs addresses the senate during the opening day of the Colorado State Legislature was on Wednesday, January 12, 2011. Morse is the majority leader of the senate. (The Gazette/Jerilee Bennett) required to force a RECALL election.

Why?  The gist of the RECALL is because of Morse’s work in the Senate – supporting passage of tougher gun control laws – that Gov. Hickenlooper signed into law earlier this year.

What happens next?  It’s easier to tell you the “end game” of this legal election process – since what happens between then and now – could be many different things.

The end-game:  A RECALL Election is held – using a Ballot that has two questions on it.

1 – “Should John Morse be RECALLED?”

2 – A list of candidates (R – D – I’s) that will replace Morse (choose one) should the outcome of the majority voting on the first question prove voters want Morse Recalled.

What about in the meantime…what happens next?

ECT says (legally) take your pick…

– Morse could agree to resign, the Democrat party picks a replacement and the Recall matter is over.

– Morse could exercise his legal right to pay for a recount (re-validate) the number of certified signatures currently residing on paper in the Secretary of State’s office in Denver.  Since thousands more signatures were collected and delivered to the Secretary – it is very unlikely a sufficient number of them would be deemed “invalid” to cancel the RECALL process currently moving forward.

–  A Civil Suit challenging the language on the Petition that Registered voters signed to RECALL Morse.

Morse has stated publically that he will fight this RECALL effort.  The next legal move is his, under the deadline (time limited dates) set by the Colorado Secretary of State – per Colorado’s State Statues governing Recalls.

Stay Tuned.


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