What makes the Fishwrap – the FISHWRAP?

by    in the Fishwrap’s own words

Seems our pals at the Daily Fishwrap want to hire more Reporters to cover Eagle County, Colorado news…

Indeed.  Do you qualify?  Have you taken even one course in Journalism?  Any previous Reporting experience required?  Do you have a College Degree?

If you answered “no” to any (or all) of the questions above – you too, it seems qualify to be part of the “acefishwrap team of reporters” that work for the Daily Fishwrap!

According to their Ad (below) recently printed in their own Fishwrap classifieds – Managing Editor, Ed Stoner comments  “the person who fills this position must be at least an intermediate-level skier or snowboarder”.

Wow!  Practically anyone who has lived in Eagle County for a couple of winters – should qualify!  So what makes the Fishwrap worth every penny you pay for it – when you pick it up?  Well now you know there’s a determined plan to keep it that way…Good Work, Ed.   Sheesh!



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