EC School District – Failing Math Badly

by     1+1 still equals 2 – Mr. Randy Wyrick

Mr. Wyrick, has the Daily Fishwrap you write for – been hired as the new Public Relations firm for the Eagle County School District?

Here is what the ECT’s research team uncovered about the scholastic performance of the Eagle County School District.

The ECT source:   U.S. News and World Report –  “Education in High Schools”

Below their combined ranking for the High Schools of Eagle County Public School District (RE50)


1 – On a good day you could argue our School District’s (High Schools) have an Average combined score for Reading of just over 50%  What happens Randy – if our High School students can only read about 50% of the University’s application for student enrollment?

2 – However our (High Schools) Average score in Math is an abysmal 19% Mr. Wyrick.

FACTOID:  Fishwrap Reporter – Randy Wyrick’s recent story (Click Here) insists Public School Superintendent Sandra Smyser  is “Going Out on Top”  Huh?  Top of what Randy?  Her Salary Range? (a portion from Wyrick’s story below)


The ECT would like to wish the Poudre School District in Ft. Collins, Colorado – good luck with that one!

ECT readers how do you account for this…

According to the U.S. News and World Report that Wyrick references…there are 458 Public High Schools in Colorado today.    Eagle Valley High School (Gypsum) is ranked 38th – putting them in the top 8.29% rank by the ECT’s math.

Strangely…this Gypsum High School is reported (below) as 70% “proficient in Reading” yet only 28% “Proficient in Math”.


It makes a reasonable person wonder…how is it possible that ANY Colorado Public High School – could end up being ranked in the top 10%…with “Proficient in Math” scores as low as 28%?

Indeed, what’s that say about Colorado’s other 458 Public High Schools – and their relative test scores…One wonders what the Reading/Math scores might be for a Colorado High School ranked below the 50% line today…

Last week (Click Here) the ECT folks warned you about the quality of reporting you can expect from the Daily Fishwrap…however the ECT folks didn’t think it would be so soon – that the Fishwrap would demonstrate their skill set again.

For the record:  Here is the web page link (Click Here) to the U.S. News and World Report article and an additional USN&WR web link to Public Schools in Colorado.  (Click Here)

Final Note:  According to the “Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce”….There’s no greater way to ensure a high-paying career than having a degree in the sciences or math-related disciplines.  (Click Here)

Parents of Public High School Students – in Eagle County today…it’s your time to speak up!  Leave a comment here at the EagleCountyTimes.Com

4 responses

  1. “I never gave anybody hell! I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.” – Harry S Truman

    Seems telling (exposing) the Truth in Eagle County, has just fallen on hard times…

  2. Well, Dr. Smyser has done a great job in moving up reading and writing skills. She was hired for her ability to close the ‘achievement gap between English-speaking students and their Spanish-speaking peers.’ (BOE Scott Green, VD)

    Looking at the math scores, I would say there is only so many hours in a school day and only so many teachers per classroom, so parents may want to fill in on math and fun science at home. It can be fun- a sideways Pringles can with a hot dog screwered through becomes a oven and cooks from the sun-and yes, you can fry a egg on a sidewalk. Ant farms are interesting society structures, etc.

    Vail Daily – March 19, 2008

    […] The school board was first impressed with Smyser’s years of experience in education, President Scott Green said …aside from being highly qualified, Smyser truly understands the challenges the school district is facing and had good ideas on how to tackle them, Green said.

    For instance, one of the biggest problems in Eagle County is the achievement gap between English-speaking students and their Spanish-speaking peers ” an issue Smyser has lots of experience dealing with, Green said.

    “She’s bilingual, and she’ll be able to communicate with the Hispanic community,” Green said. “At the same time, she’ll have no problem going to a black-tie event in Beaver Creek with the business community. She’ll be able to reach out to all parts of the community.”
    CDE, Enrollment, Eagle Schools CO-The Denver Post-

    * 2012-2013 —- Percent Minority 53.2% —- Percent White 46.77%
    * 2003-2004 —- Percent Minority 43.9% —- Percent White 56.13%

  3. My son spent his freshman year sleeping through math, literally and he still received an A+….hmmmmmm. The same with his eight grade year. Thanks to the Eagle County school district my son has been robbed of two years of math. When the math teacher was questioned about this last year, it was made clear that they needed my son and three others, (the top performers ), for the “test scores”. Thank you ECS for the wonderful education your are providing our children……..not..

  4. Well this is rich! One can’t balance a checkbook or calculate monthly bills and payments if one cannot do math, oh hello!

    DENVER POST today “Colorado schools investing in more financial literacy for students”

    … Starting this fall, schoolchildren in Colorado will have financial education integrated into their social studies and math lessons.

    “We can all agree that financial education is incredibly important,” said Melissa Colsman, executive director of the Teaching and Learning Unit of the Colorado Department of Education …

    Read more:

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